Life is too short…

Life is too short to lead an unhealthy life. Yes, life will be short when you’re eating unhealthy food everyday as well as not going to exercise. I learned this the hard way when I moved to Texas.

When my mom, step-dad, and I first moved to Texas, we didn’t have a place to live. We haven’t found an apartment yet. So we lived in separate places. I lived with my step-grandparents while they bunked with my step-dad’s sister.

I didn’t want it this way but I was afraid of dogs (still am) plus I wanted to give my cousin privacy in her room and I didn’t want to sleep on a lumpy mattress on the floor with the nightlight shining right in my face all night.

Anyway, I lived in my step-grandparents’ spare bedroom. It was very comfortable but the thing was, they rarely cook. Often times, my step-grandfather just brought me along to Burger King or Quiznos or some fast food chain and he’d buy me whatever I want. For a kid like me, who almost never get to go to a fast food chain let alone get to pick what I want, this was like heaven.

For breakfast, we usually just head over to my step-aunt and uncle’s and they’d whip us something good but with me starting my Spring Semester of my Freshman year, there wasn’t time for us to head over for breakfast every morning. There was hardly anything that classified as food let alone breakfast in the house. So my step-grandparents went to the supermarket and bought a bunch boxes of sausage links, patties, and eggs.

Then every morning, my lovely sweet step-grandmother woke up before me and made me a continental breakfast before I headed off to the bus. I felt bad for her, having to wake up so early but she told me she was bored and couldn’t sleep.

My continental breakfast contained two maybe three sausage links or patties plus two fried-eggs and a large glass of whole milk. Back then, I didn’t know that with hardly any exercise, this spelled disaster and obesity. My only exercise was the 1-block walk each day to the bus and my PE class was more in learning from a book than actual exercise.

I gained a lot of weight during those first few months. Of course, I don’t blame my step-grandparents. They hadn’t raise any kids in like forever and they’re senior, they often forget. After we moved into the apartment which was right next to my school, I tried to go to the tracks to run as much as possible but with the Texas heat and humidity, it was unbearable. The only time that’s suitable for any exercising was early morning before the sun was up.

I lived in Texas for a year or so before moving to Utah and since then I’ve eaten a lot healthier but I haven’t been keeping up with exercising, so that also spells disaster because nowhere to burn off the calories. It wasn’t until my mom and I discovered the free gym up at the air force base that allowed me to use the equipment (treadmill, cross-ramp, etc) to get the exercise I so desperately needed.

Since this September though, I’ve been no longer allowed on base (I’m over-age and my ID expired), I had to find another gym. Alas, a few weeks ago, I discovered the gym at the university was free to students. I’ve worked out there a few times and so far I’ve enjoyed it. I even felt more energized than I’ve been in weeks.

So there goes, life is too short to live unhealthily. Eat more vegetables and fruit and less burgers and fries. Also exercise at least 30 minutes a day, you don’t need gym membership either, I just prefer to work out indoor. You can exercise any way you want. Just get off that couch and move!

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