What am I, invisible?

Sometimes, when I am driving my old car, I wonder, do I become invisible the moment I step into this car?

I remember when this car was still functioning like it should and I drove it to school, on the highway, people changes lanes in front of me, causing me to throw my foot on the brakes and in the parking lot, I am the one who stop to let people turn.

It’s lucky I am not a shallow person. Otherwise, I would have given these people the finger as well as rolling down the window and screaming swear words at them.

I’ve been driving my mom’s car for a little more than a month now. My classes are in the morning so often, you’ll find me cruising down Highway 89 at ’round 8 or 9. Since I’ve been using my mom’s car, I think I am starting to no longer feel as if I am invisible on the road. Maybe it’s because it’s a bigger car and people tend to notice it better?

Anyway, this is great for me because being invisible is not a good thing when driving on a highway especially it’s that section of the highway that people cannot control their speed. The highway is a daunting place especially with speeding cars and people illegal making phone calls while driving.

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