Blogging 101: Write For My Dream Reader

I need to take a breath. I’ve worked 8 hours today and translated over 2000 words. Honestly, my job frustrates me but then again, there’s no better job than what I have right now, no matter how much I complain and how unfair I think the paid is.

Anyway, today’s Blogging 101 assignment says to write a post for my dream readers. I have no idea who my dream readers are.

From time to time, I’d vaguely mention the stories I write to my mom and she would chuckle and say, “The people who reads your stuff must be incredible bored.” As in they have nothing to do.  I refuse to believe that.

My blog does not get a lot of hits. I’d say it’s slightly better than the amount I was getting a year before.  I shouldn’t complain though. People don’t like to read rants. I’ve learned this much.

Lately, I’ve been reading more and more blogs with material similar to mine. Some of the blogger are crazy about stats and they would let readers know about their stats by print screen it and writing a post about it. When I read it, I’d be like “Whoa,” they are doing so much better than me and I’d begin wonder what I’m doing wrong.

Maybe it’s the way I title my posts?

I suck at coming up with names and titles. I mean you can see my stories and daily posts to see how awful my titles are.

Maybe it’s the way I’m writing is just not attracting readers?

I do not write with a specific group of readers in mind. I tend to just throw myself into the mix and just see how I come out.

Maybe posting one a day just not enough?

Sometimes, writing a post is a dangerous task for me because my mom asks me questions like:

  • What have you been doing all day? My answer: Uh, working? Real answer: writing, blogging, and working.
  • How come you only work a few hours? My answer: I’ve worked a lot. Real answer: Okay, I spent some time writing and blogging.

You see???

That’s probably why I need to join Blogging 101, a community for beginner and other bloggers like me, who want to spend 2015 to finally grow their dang blog so they don’t lose motivation to write.

5 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Write For My Dream Reader

  1. I think its all a matter of perspective Ying. Basically why are you blogging? If it is a means of gathering followers because you write novels and you want readers then that is a fair reason. If its to enjoy the writing process and write responses to the prompts you attempt then great. I am like that, the stats don’t bother me, in fact I have no idea of what my stats are from one day to another other than when WP gets excited and tells me something which I don’t really get anyway. That people read my posts is reward enough. And I only write the prompts that interest me, that i enjoy the writing process means I do look for alternative prompts from time to time. My blog is for me to explore my writing abilities, should you happen to enjoy reading what I write then great, I am happy. Do what you want. Have a good day.

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  2. Hi 🙋 ying,
    Even I am a baby 👶 blogger like you. Like you, even I started to blog for my own satisfaction and to improve my writing skills. I really appreciate the openness in your writing and trust me you are a good writer. Today’s assignment is equally challenging for me as even I don’t have any dream reader in mind. But your blog has inspired me to move on and keep writing, thanks to you.
    Happy 😊 blogging


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