Things happen for a reason

So yesterday, I swapped my G router for a N router because I was tired of the internet signal always just barely reaching my room. I thought a N router would be better. More signal, more speed, right? Instead, I feel like the internet’s become slower than before. My mom says it’s psychological but I beg the differ. It even took a little longer to get onto wordpress this morning and when I watched youtube videos last night, it stopped. It STOPPED!!!

It shouldn’t do that. It’s cable, it’s not supposed to be so slow. Now the internet just feels like a light bulb flickering in and out of darkness. Is it possible a N router just cannot be used with the cable modem? Or is this house just so full of faults that even the internet cannot run correctly?

Anyway, to answer today’s prompt

So my mom’s been dangling this over my head for I think the past two years. As you may know by now, two years ago, she had asked me to switch majors but no, I fought with her, told her that if I switch, the last four years of my life would go down the drain. Thousands of dollars spent, all for nothing.

Deep down though, I wanted to switch. I was having a very tough time with engineering. I like math, I want to do something with number but I just couldn’t connect the numbers to pictures, especially very very rough sketches.

If someone from maybe the future had come in and told me I was not going to make it in engineering and that I might make it in accounting, I would’ve jumped on board and went for the big switch, start over. I would even be almost done by now and probably have a job and not have to be stuck under this roof for another three or four years (gulp).

So to answer the question, I didn’t do it because I was too afraid and I didn’t want to waste any more time. Time is precious but on the hand, I think everything happens for a reason.

6 thoughts on “Things happen for a reason

  1. I have router disconnect issues too, and I’m not sure why (I used to build routers for a living, so that’s how out-of-touch I am). I can say that if you don’t password protect your router, other people can use it and suck up your bandwidth. My problem at home is fixed with direct connect, so if you can afford to buy a network cable so that you can plug your computer directly into your router, you might have less to no disconnects. Maybe there’s something interfering with the wireless signaling in your house. Anyhow, try direct connect. Also, about the engineering…. you may find that it only puts you back a year if you change majors. Take care, Sweetie. Don’t get stressed out. Try the direct connect if you can.

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  2. A good answer to the prompt. I understand completely how frustrating problems with the Internet can be. We sometimes lose the signal altogether in our little village (in the UK) and have to wait a day ot two foerengineers to come and sort it all out. Anyway, interesting read.

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