#AtoZChallenge – F for Forgotten Streak

As I lie awake in bed last night, I realized something. My blogging streak started last April and since then I haven’t stopped blogging. So I think this is the real anniversary of this blog, not February of 2013 since I blogged for less than a month before quitting. Okay, so I posted a few times between September and April but it doesn’t count. Less than 10 posts a month does not count as consistent in my books.

Anyway, I posted seven times in April last year and that number increased to 22 in May. I cannot believe I almost forgot the anniversary of my blogging streak. Of course, it’s still happening. I haven’t stopped since then and I’m not planning to anytime soon.

Oh, and I cannot believe it took me so long to figure out the word for “F”. Last night, I spent most of the night trying to come up with something to write for “F”. I was about to do it the hard way, go to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary on my tablet and keep flipping the “F” section until I something sparks. Thank god I thought of the anniversary just in time.

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