Fantastic Relieving News

Daily Prompt: You get some incredibly, amazingly, wonderfully fantastic news. What’s the first thing you do?

What is the fantastic news?

I feel so out of touch doing these daily prompts after not doing them for just a few short days. Anyway, my reaction depends on the news.

Last night, I did get some great news. My instructor had cancelled lecture for today. So I only have one class today. Yay! I was super relieved because so much studying in the last couple of days, I need a break. It looks like I will get one this week.

I peeked at the schedules for all my classes and it looks like my last assignment for my cost accounting class is due tomorrow and then that’s it except for the book report. My other two classes look like it’s winding down as well. That is wonderful for me.

Oh right, what was the first thing I did upon hearing the news? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I spent the night alone curling under two blankets watching TV. It’s freezing in the living room.

My mom’s off to training once again and she won’t be back until this afternoon. So last night was sort of my night off. After finding out this beautiful spring weather was going to turn on me, I went back to my blog and wrote a flash fiction along with reading a few posts to get my head in the groove again before heading off to bed.

I just cannot believe it’s going to get cold again and snow. I thought this warm weather’s going to last but apparently, winter is going to swoop in again.

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