The Wildest Party

As you might have guessed, I have never thrown a party myself.Party

The wildest party I have ever been to was when the class party in 6th grade. So if I am to throw my own party, it might probably be like that.

I don’t remember what that party was for. All I know is just one day out of the blue, I arrive at the classroom, it was dark except for the light streaming in from the window. All the backpacks were tossed aside in the corner (we didn’t have lockers) and the tables were lined up by the corners, on it were bags and bags of chips along with bottles and bottles of different soda. I took a minute to marvel at the variety because I was still new to the country.

As soon as the tardy bell rang, someone pressed something and this booming loud music came on. I jumped, almost screamed. Then people in one corner of the classroom began jumping up and down while a few people like me just leaned against the wall eating chips and drinking soda.

“What’s going on?” I asked the person next to me.

“It’s a party.” She answered.

“What for?” She just shrugged. “What are we supposed to do at a party?” She shrugged again. This made me feel better because I thought I was the only one who had never been to a party.

Slowly, as the day went on (it’s 6th grade, we stay in the same classroom all day), some people began to get tired of jumping and came to rest against the wall. It was then I suddenly noticed. Most of the people that had stood next to me were Asians. Apparently they hadn’t been to a party either. It made me glad that I wasn’t the only one.


20150517_091812For my 12th birthday, my step-father originally wanted to throw me a birthday party. He wanted to rent out the club house at the apartment (as seen above behind me) and invite all my friends. I turned it down though. As much as I love to have a birthday party, to eat, dance, and socialize all night, it was just way too much work. I have to set it up and clean up? Now is that any way to spend a birthday?

Daily Prompt – It’s My Party

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