So Far This Year…

Photography Improvement counts as  an achievement, right?
Photography Improvement counts as an achievement, right?

It’s quite difficult to believe that we’re already approaching summer. Where has the time gone? Today’s prompt has asked about how the year is shaping up for us so far. I will have to say, it’s been busy but at the same time, it’s been interesting.

The new year started off with me watching the Tournament of Roses alone, no surprise there. My aunt was too busy sleeping while mom was watching something on the computer and my cousin, as usual, hid in the basement.

In February, we finally said goodbye to them with one final buffet lunch at Golden Corral. After they left, we spent a couple days cleaning up and then everything began to quiet down. Not really though. School was busier than ever with the need to take an exam every weekend not to mention volunteering to do people’s taxes. I cried when I did my own taxes but who wouldn’t when you find out you owe more than 2000-dollars of taxes. 😦

April was a busy month with finals approaching and the A-to-Z Challenge. It was one hectic month.

Now, it’s May. I just completed my translation work for the month and I am on the verge of completing another project today for my other job. After that, I may just work one day a week while spending the rest writing and studying. Oh, that reminds me, I have to register for the test.

Challenges and Achievements…


I think the biggest challenges so far this year has been finding the time to write. Though I don’t think it will be a problem now since most of the shows I enjoy watching ended last week.

I made quite a bit of progress on my novella in the recent days. I am trying to finish the first draft before I have to start the translation work again next month. So that’s 15 days? After that, it will be the editing phase but hopefully not the rewriting phase. I don’t want to rewrite this for the fifth time.

Ugh, I feel like I’m so close to the end of the story yet the end seems so far away. A problem I’m facing with the story is my brain is constantly debating the conclusion, about whether to write a happy ending where the villain loses or a sad ending where one of the heroes dies. Either way, it will be final.


My biggest achievement this year would have to be my grades. I don’t want to jinx it but I just have to say, they are so many times better than my engineering days. Why didn’t I just go into accounting in the first place?

As for my other achievements, at the beginning of the year, February 3, to be exact, I wrote a post for Blogging 201 and that is to set three goals. Those goals were:

  1. Get a decent job that is does not involve self-employed paychecks
  2. Write at least 5 1000+ words short stories
  3. See my daily views increase 10 to 20%

Although I haven’t exactly achieve the first goal. Yes, I have a new second job but it’s not decent and that job doesn’t pay my federal and state taxes. So it’s basically the same as a self-employed paycheck.

I think it’s safe to say that I have not achieve goal #2 but goal #3, on the other hand, I can say proudly I have achieved it. Just look at this…


That is more than a 50% increase from week-to-week. It puts a smile on my face to see how many people are visiting my blog on a daily basis. 🙂 Thank you so much and thank you so much for the nominations!

…and that’s a reflection on the year so far. It’s been a good year and hopefully it will stay that way. 🙂

10 thoughts on “So Far This Year…

  1. Congratulation, Yinglan, on your achievements for the year. You do have an impressive record of hits on your blog. The pay off for being so active in posting and in reading other blogs. I appreciate my contacts with you.

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    1. Thank you. I’m not sure about what happened with my stats, actually. I’ve been sharing on Google as usual and I only started on Twitter last month. I guess the multiple postings per days and my active participation paid off. 🙂

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