I didn’t think I would write for the prompt today but an old story came up.

My mom has always been concerned with her stomach. I suspect she might be using the word wrong though because every time I took to the Endoscopy Clinic, the doctor had always pointed that it’s the esophagus that’s the problem. In fact, I am taking her to get another gastro-something-scope (the word is ridiculously long) next week. She’s worried about  Esophageal cancer or she calls it “stomach cancer”.

Her mother had it and died at a young age. I never knew my grandmother but according to my mom’s stories, my grandmother’s death was a painful one. She told me about how she watched her mother’s bony-thin body writhed around the bed during her last moments while being starved. Her body was rejecting any source of nutrient even water. Whatever she put into her body, she would vomit it back in a matter of moments.

My mom said even the neighbors could hear her screams.

My grandmother’s illness plagues the entire family. Almost all have symptoms now and then. Even I have it sometimes. It bugs me a lot but eventually, it goes away and my symptoms are not as bad as my mom.

This is why my mom is taking precaution, to get a scope every year no matter how painful. Her mother didn’t go to the doctors until it was too late. Even the the doctors couldn’t help her, told her the cancer had become too serious for treatment. This is because they didn’t believe in doctors. A lot of the elderly in China believed that by constantly drinking Chinese herbal medicine, it can solve any illness. Look at where that landed my father?

My mom, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. Anything small, she would suggest taking pills or going to a doctor. I don’t believe in that. I believe taking pills can lead to a lot of side effects like addiction or just the side effects from taking those pills. However, if I can create a painless inexpensive medication, I’m not saying it’s a cure, I would create something that promote a painless death for terminal cancer patients because no one should go through a much painful death than what my grandmother went through.

22 thoughts on “Painless

  1. It’s good to be careful and be tested a lot for this cancer if you have a family history. I’ve been asked so many times if I have a family history of stomach cancer, so it must be a very high risk factor.

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  3. It is interesting how our grandparents’ and parents’ stories become such an integral part of our story. My father died at 54 from stomach cancer, and I find myself thinking about it often now that I am 51. I found your blog through lily pups life. She is having a blog party today.

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    • It is definitely interesting to learn from our parents and grandparents because that’s what makes us better, by learning from their mistakes.

      I really enjoy blog parties and the sites doing them! 🙂

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  4. Stomach cancer can be hereditary, so its good to be checked out.. Sometimes we can panic too much though.. My abuela(Grandmother) died when my mum was a child, and its always a worry that I would seeing my mum die early too.. Especially since it was a heart condition and bronchitis.. A lot of my mums family have asthma.. My mum has high blood pressure and has to take medicine.. Its always a worry.. Its all down to luck..

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