Linger over Breakfast

Today’s prompt asks: Tell us about times in which you linger — when you don’t want an event, or a day to end. What is it you love about these times? Why do you wish you could linger forever?

I’m pretty sure I linger a lot especially on this blog. That’s because the prompts often bring up old memories instead of new ones. So let’s see, you’ve heard me talk about my California days, Texas days, and Utah days and in them, I’ve talked about middle school, high school, and moving. That’s pretty much how life has been like.

So let’s start a fresh new memory today.

My stomach wasn’t feeling well this morning. I’m not sure if it’s hunger or something else. That’s why I waited until now to write this post. That and my computer is acting wonky this morning. I discover my RAM is almost used up. So I’m defragmenting the computer at the moment. Hopefully, it will help free up some of the RAM.

Anyway, I needed a hot breakfast. I took a look in the fridge, it’s empty! You can scream and shout and hear an echo. Just kidding! Seriously though, the fridge is super empty and the shredded potatoes for dinner is driving me nuts. Aside from yogurt, there wasn’t much option for hot breakfast. I mean, I can bake some muffins but is it really worth the time?

At last, I decided to scramble three eggs just because the eggs are so tiny.


Put it in a bowl…

Now that’s something to linger over. I felt so much better after that and a cup of flaxseed hot cocoa.

By the way, busy day today. I think if it’s up to my mom, she would not want me to work at that cellphone repair shop which it’s exactly my point. Today, she’s taking me out of the job by making me stay at home to wait for our neighbor to go fix and adjust the sprinklers at the rental property.

I don’t get it. If you’re kicking the tenant out and it’s been raining non-stop for the past week, why are you in such a hurry to get it fixed? Sometimes her logic doesn’t make sense and she calls me senseless.

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