Take Me Seriously!

Today’s prompt asks: Tell us something most people probably don’t know about you.

What don’t you know about me? I think I probably covered every fact, and everything there is to know about me in my award posts and about. What more is there?

Well, there is this one thing. I am not sure if you know this already. I am sure as hell annoy about it but I find that only on WordPress people take me seriously as writer. When I’m away from my computer, when I tell people I’m a writer in a public event or social gathering, they would take one look at me up and down and would scoff(some imaginary scoff) and they would be like, “yeah right, you’re a writer, keep telling yourself that.” Most don’t say it but they sure imply it.

What is wrong with me being a writer? I want to ask but I never have the guts to. Is it because of my size, my appearance, my ethnicity, my accent? Too small of a person to have such a big dream?

I feel like that’s what people in reality tend to do, judge others by their appearance. Just because someone isn’t attractive or native to the country or speaks with an accent doesn’t make them a bad writer or speaker or bad anything in this case. Not all writers are attractive or speak English without an accent. Those things are just what make them unique.

That’s what I like about being here, on WordPress. Here, as long as you keep working at it, you’ll get noticed. Here, people don’t know who you are. If they’re curious enough, they’ll look at your profile page or your about page but I learn that some people’s profile are very broad, very general. They don’t really tell you about them at all.

Also, here, all you have are the pictures provided by the blogger and their tiny tend-to-be blurry gravatar to let you get the sense of what they look like. Still you wouldn’t have a clue how they talk. Wait, what if they don’t provide a picture at all?

See, that’s the difference. Here, people will only judge me by the words I write and not what I look like or talk like. Out there is the exact opposite and how I long to have the two worlds combine.

16 thoughts on “Take Me Seriously!

  1. I can relate to that, and that’s I never had any hopes of anyone even reading it. Now I do see them reading but they don’t acknowledge. Prolly coming up with the worst statement to say, but shake it off😉

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  2. Such a nice post! I don’t think it’s not about appearance, we all try and make our pages look pretty and put photos and social media links and all.. We try to play on the fact that people are visual creates by choosing wordpress themes, etc.

    I feel like anything traditionally creative is outside of the norm… I mean, a writer is more of a traditional skill, I’m not sure how to express myself, being a nonnative English speaker myself but I will try.

    I remember when I started high school that I was telling people that I paint (I was 13) and a year and a half later I happened to be going to school after I had finished one of my oil paintings and I went there with it. And my best friend in high school said to me “Oh my God, you CAN paint! I thought you were just saying that so that you seem cool.” … I was standing there wondering why would I say something that’s not true and also to “seem” cool. Weren’t I already “cool”? And also coming from a friend…

    There’s also the fact that writing and painting are kind of assigned to older people. If you said you were an inspirational TED Talker I’m sure they’d react differently. Plus, on WordPress I can click around your blog and really see that you are a writer, when people meet you, you don’t walk around with all of your writings and stories? “I’m a writer, can’t you guess by the 500-page notebook I carry around in my pocket?” hihiihi

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  3. That’s why I love writing! Our words do all the talking…the expression…the tone…all behind words. Keep writing! Who cares what anyone thinks..it is your passion…and your talent..share it with the world. You are awesome!

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    • Exactly! I’m glad my words are being taken seriously here. If I say them in public, people will probably laugh. When I’m published, people out there will be sorry they’d ever judged me. 🙂

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  4. You just stole the words from my mind 🙂
    I was goin to post the same thing in few weeks. Didn get time to pen it down…

    People who knows us from the start aren’t ready to accept the fact that we love to write, but people across the globe comment, value and motivate us =D
    Dont worry 🙂 Der r many out Dr like you.. And you just met one :p

    Thanks a lot for posting this 😀 ❤

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  5. Such a true statement! Love this piece. I’m a nobody, and I’ve never been published. My entire life, most everybody, especially my family, told me to stop writing, to focus on something real, something where I could earn a living. So, back in high-school, that’s what I did. But, I never stopped writing. A dozen years later, I’m working in legal and hate it, but I have never stopped writing. Within the past few months, I’ve finally found the strength to ignore the naysayers and work to get my words recognized. I’m seeking publication on a novel and launched my blog last month (CLOVERAmerica.net). I’ve never been more content than now, when I can actually call myself a writer. It doesn’t matter what we look like, who we are outside of our writing, or how we sound. That’s the point. We all have a unique voice, an individual perspective and I commend you for posting this. You are a writer, and I can’t wait to see what you write next!

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    • Thank you and congratulation on the completion of your novel. As a writer, I don’t believe that any two writers write the same way. We are all different and our voice is determined by our past, present, and future.

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  6. This is so true and this is why I like WordPress better than anything else. You can even be anonymous if you wish! I think your writing is wonderful and I do see your accent come though and I think that is what I love most about your writing. I get a unique story written from the way that you would tell it to me face to face. I love that you aren’t trying to be somebody that you’re not and WordPress has given you the freedom to do that! Keep writing your stories and I will keep reading. Thanks for giving me something to look forward to each day! ~M

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