An Unique Wedding Reception

Last night, I was at a wedding and as usual, we were over-dressed, thanks to mom. I was like, I’m going to wear jeans but she was like, it’s other people’s wedding, you need to be well-dressed. I ended up switching pants and then she complained she didn’t like my jacket. Well, what am I supposed to wear? It’s freezing outside. I ended up wearing a super magenta jacket, my only prada. I think she did that to just make me stand out. Hello, this isn’t my wedding.

Oh, and let’s not mention she didn’t read the fine print on the invitation again just like everything else. That’s a problem with her nowadays. She doesn’t want to read anything written in English anymore and she depends on me to do it. Well, I didn’t read the invitation either. I didn’t realize it was a country-styled wedding until I got to the reception. Everyone was dressed in cowboy clothes and boots, even the bride.

The reception was held in a barn. Ugh, I could smell the various animal manure before I even got there. This wedding was very unique and I’m thankful to have been there. I took many pictures, although not awesome, to show for this week’s theme: broken and also a theme from several weeks ago: motion.

Of course my mom wasn’t a fan of dancing and wherever she went, she wants to be in and out in a jiff. So after the groom and bride danced and everyone began to dance on the floor, she immediately rushed me out of there. Okay, so she wouldn’t let me finish my meal, threw away my slice of cake. Can she be anymore controlling? Well at least she let me take these pictures real quick before she rushed me out of there.

16 thoughts on “An Unique Wedding Reception

  1. Thats must have been an interesting event to be at. Wish you could have stayed longer to get us more details of fun dancing and music there. I loved this rustic wedding reception.. It’s different and intimate. I feel sad you couldn’t have cake, aw!

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    • I wish I stayed longer too. There could have been a lovely twist, every event has one.

      My mom thought the cake was too sweet. She said, “Okay, you have enough sugar.” I was like what? I haven’t any sugar in a while and what am I, five? I don’t need anyone controlling my sugar intake.


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