Dreams and Nightmares

I can say my worst nightmares are failing all my classes and plummeting to my death. I am not sure what my last nightmare was though but I can remember this very vivid one when I was seven. It was so vivid that I even drew a picture about it. My mom had already left and I was living with my aunt. In my art class, I was to draw a picture of my nightmares. So I did.

I drew my mother chasing me around the apartment with a giant butcher knife. Hey, you said nightmare. Well, that’s as worst as it gets especially for a seven-year-old. In the nightmare, my mom had large head and sharp teeth like something out of a horror film. It still makes me shiver.

I think the nightmare was probably an after-effect to my cousin almost severing my finger. Did I write about that incident? I’m pretty sure I did. Of course I showed that picture to my aunt since I had to show her all my work and she tattle-tailed to my mom. Now, whenever, I talked to my mom about nightmares, she would always dredge it up.

What can I say? That’s her motto. Forget the Good, Remember the Bad.


Speaking of nightmares, I got another one. Last night, I finally finished my novella! Yes, it’s a novella now (after editing, probably more than 20k words). Well, shouldn’t that be a good dream?

No, I’m talking about the next step: editing. I’m excited about the process but at the same time, dreading it. It will be a test of my patience as well as my desire to want to re-write it for the fifth time. It’s been a nightmare for me already, to re-write it so many times that I have nightmares about blank pages and having to re-write everything again.

No! No more rewriting. I’m set on the plot and the story-line. Now, let’s stick with it.

I guess I will go through a round of editing myself and then look for beta readers to do another round of editing for me. Then I have no idea what will happen next. We’ll see but I really want to see this published. It would be a dream come true and then I can be free-lance proofreader. Apparently most free-lance proofreaders and writers have to have something published. This is my chance. We’ll see how this goes, cross your fingers.

Daily Prompt – Nightmares

6 thoughts on “Dreams and Nightmares

  1. I remember a nightmare regarding my mom too. I was very secure in my relationship with my mom so I don’t know what would have triggered it. In those days we hung washing on the line to dry. I dreamed my mom was hanging on the line with a couple of clothespins. Scary and I haven’t forgotten about it.

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