Dream Tale

I have written a similar prompt when I did Writing 101, to read it, click here. As for a song for the future, it’s too soon to decide.

My brain woke up quite early this morning, way before my eyes wanted to open anyway, and spent a good hour or so lying in bed listening to my mom’s loud phone call while thinking about the incredible dream I had. It was so incredible that I now have this story implanted in my head but I can’t write it because for one, it was way too spotty, like, why did these events happen and for another, it’s rather silly to talk about.

Should I at least say something about it? Then be on my merry way to finish my novella. I was so incredibly close last night and I thought I would go to sleep to have a dream that will tell me what to write next but instead, this strange dream is now keeping me from writing anything. Oh yes, it is a definite yes. I have to talk about the dream.

The dream started with the song “Bye Bye Bye,” you know the song by the popular 90’s boy band, Nsync? I have no idea how that song got in my head. The last time I heard that song was almost a month ago when I was driving home from something. It was a weird rendition, live, by a church choir.

Next, the dream became me sitting in front of my computer, in the dead of night searching editing jobs on the freelancing job-site and strangely, I won a bid. I was to proofread this document and send it back. The document was quite badly written. The most distinct error I remember from the dream was Howre’re you. I have a feeling someone is terrible in spelling.

Then I can feel time sped forward a few weeks because I found myself pacing in my room. Apparently, I haven’t received the payment for my job. My tablet suddenly let out a loud buzz. It was a phone call in Google Hangout. I answered. This is where the dream turned into an action movie.

I was dressed in black and I was moving stealthily along the side of a building. I had a feeling I was rescuing something. Who, I don’t know. I entered a room that resembled an underground parking lot. The light was so dim that it made everything look green. It’s almost like the kind of place you expect surprises to fly at you at any second. I somehow knew where to go though as my feet voluntarily guided me to the spot where a large man appeared before me and behind him was a woman tied and gagged. I didn’t recognize her but obviously it wasn’t her choice to be in this position.

As I approached, I realized I was only about a third of the man’s size. I ran toward him, apparently that was what dream me did. I fought him, incorporating fighting skills I have only seen in movies and won. Then it all just ended. My sweet dream. I opened my eyes a bit, it was day, and all I could hear was the sound of my mom talking to my aunt on her computer.

I would have posted this sooner to get it off my chest but the moment I began to sit down and write, she’s got something else for me to do. Some other problem. Some other chaos that needed attention. *sigh*

There went my whole morning.

Daily Prompt – Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

8 thoughts on “Dream Tale

    1. I agree, dreams are fascinating because they often times tend to show what our subconscious want. In this case, maybe my subconscious want me to write an action story.

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