Great News: Done and Finished

Today’s prompt asks: Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

a-peaceful-day-sheila-diemertI have to start doing these again, well, unless, they are extremely awful, then, in that case, I’ll skip them. Anyway, today’s prompt isn’t that bad. It’s easy, actually. In fact, I’ve already done it. I’ll give you a snippet below and you can read the rest yourself. Just click here.

I was updating the About page and noticed it’s been about six months since I changed my blog name and I never bothered to introduce how it came to be A Simple Life. 

So since I’m done for the semester and have few short days alone by myself, I thought I’d take the chance and do this late introduction to my blog. Oh and you’ll notice I’m playing with colors here, that’s how bored I am. 😀

F.Y.I, the underlines are links to ancient ancient posts, I thought I’d let you re-live them as part of looking back this year.

My blog is call A Simple Life. I changed it recently from My Simple Life after realizing I don’t have a simple life anymore. So now, this is A Simple Life and it reads in the heading, Everything Done in One Place and Simply Done.

Anyway, today, I bring some great news! I had been busy writing these last few days and I am at last finished. Finished with what, may you ask?

For those who have been reading the series I am writing for the Flash Fiction for Aspired Writers challenge, I know you must be very anxious to read the rest. I am too and that’s why I have gone and finished the entire story, a 2850-word masterpiece, thus partially reaching my second for this year, write more 1000+ words stories.

The story is titled, “War of Four Roses” but I’m not going to post it as a post. Instead, like the stories “Thoughts in the Air” and “The Last Memories“, I am posting it as a page instead. You can find all those short stories and more by either hovering over the words “Short Stories” up at the top or you can click on “Short Stories“. I hope you’ll enjoy this story. It’s a little different than the flash fiction since I’ve added a couple more details and I’m planning on doing the same for all the other serials I’ve written for the other challenges.

Anything you want to ask? Want to know?

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