It Must Be Summer

great_salt_lake_sunriseThe room was utterly quiet as I opened my eyes and registered to the fact that it was morning, Saturday morning to be precise. I lie there a few moment while listening to the bird’s soft chirping outside my window.

Lifting my head a little, I glanced at my bedside clock radio and sighed as I rested my head back onto the pillow for a moment before I rolled over to face the window. It was not even 6 am and yet sunshine was already fighting the thick blinds to drown the room in its brilliant light. I rubbed my eyes groggily as it adjusted to the light. It must be Summer.

This is something I wrote last year that would fit quite perfectly with today’s prompt: The Golden Hour.

4 thoughts on “It Must Be Summer

  1. A great choice for the prompt The. Golden Hour. Yinglan, you are so good with your short items they always draw me in and I am always disappointed that they not longer. Don’t take offence, please. I mean it as encouragement for you to move forward with your writing some longer pieces. Move on to some plot and resolution. You are good. I know you can do it! For my sake! I’m over eighty! I want to reed some stories from you before I die. You’re giving me teasers!

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