Tattoos and Scars

Tattoos are like scars. They are both permanent and require pain, although the pain of getting tattoo is intentional compare to scars which may and may not be intentional.

tumblr_mnqun7r9AH1s8ounqo1_500If you asked me a few years ago what I thought about tattoos, I would’ve pinched my face in disgust. That’s right, I used to dislike people who has a tattoo because I feel, just like piercing, they’re ruining their natural skin by injecting harmful chemicals into it. Why would anyone want to do that to their skin?

Apparently everyone!

Three summers ago, during my family’s visit, when I took them downtown to the new mall, not to exaggerate but almost everyone that passed us by had some sort of tattoo on their arms or their backs. I couldn’t find a single person without ink. I also noticed that most of them were color and I thought, aren’t those painful and expensive? I don’t I’ll be willing to go through this kind of pain.

However, now, I think tattoos are cool while my mom still feels the same as I did a few years ago. I’m okay with tattoos because I have learn the reason of why some people get tattoos, to bury their emotional and other forms of invisible scars. Some people ink their bodies with encouraging messages to help them. Meanwhile, others get tattoos to show off their creativity.

As for getting a tattoo, not a chance. I have plenty of physical scars and I’m not cut out for that kind of pain. Until then, I’ll just consider my physical scars my tattoos. So far, my most expensive scars are on my left knee and ankle. The two of them cost over 8000-dollars. They are from a surgery I underwent two years ago due to my very annoying genetic disorder.

Before I got the treatment I needed for my hypocalcemia, every time I consume any calcium, instead of absorbing into my bloodstream, the calcium accumulates in my bones, joints, and muscles, causing calcification build-ups just beneath my skin.

Some of those build-ups caused me pain. Before the surgery, I couldn’t walk far before the pain in my leg descended upon me, making me to have to limp. The surgery wasn’t cake-walk either, I was mostly confined to my bed for almost week, unable to bend my leg while my knee became swollen.

I ended up with two new scars from that surgery and mom’s been hinting that I should get rid of the calcification in my wrist too. I am not going to because there’s no point. I had that since I was baby and it never caused me any pain, ever. So why not just keep it? The more I look at it, the cooler it looks.

Daily Prompt – Tattoo…You?

7 thoughts on “Tattoos and Scars

  1. Goodness! With that many physical scars no wonder you aren’t keen on self infliction! I have a small tattoo on my foot, a tree of life with three Celtic knots (leaves on the tree) representing my mother, sister, and me, with an arrow going through the middle of the tree. My mother’s heritage is scattered throughout the UK (hence the Celtic knots), and my father is from Germany where his family crest dating back hundreds of years has an arrow through the middle. So it is a lovely reminder of my strong family ties and is an ode to my heritage. I also strongly relate to the theories surrounding the meaning of a tree of life, so it is an all encompassing, meaningful tattoo for me. If I could figure out how to post a photo in the comments I would! 🙂

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  2. I have 2 tattoos…both meaningful… one is ‘ghost’ in swirly letters I designed myself, and the other is the names of my 2 grandkids + 2 hearts. I’d get another if I could think of something. They didn’t hurt much getting them. As for scars, yes I have some. I see them as part of a persons life story…they all have a reason for being there.

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