Thursday was Great Until…

Thursday has been my favorite day of the week all summer long.

Reason #1: The only day of the week my mom goes to work and not at home monitoring my actions while calling my name every time I sit down and begin to relax.

Reason #2: It’s the only day of the week when I can actually go out and take some brand-new picture myself. It’s not that I can’t take pictures when mom’s around. It’s just she likes to order me around. I want to take a macro picture of our baby watermelon and she says it will confuse our relatives back in China. What’s so confusing about a macro picture?

Do you find this picture confusing?

Do you find this picture confusing?

Reason #3: It’s the night that actually has some TV shows to watch.

So last Thursday or two days ago, mom told me the night before she’s going to be home late. It got me so excited that I could hardly sleep on Wednesday night. I was going to blog, eat some breakfast, go out for a photoshoot, and go to the bank, and then come home to do some meditation.

That did not go as planned. The fridge’s empty. There’s barely anything to eat. I just had one of these delicious muffins that mom had me bake last weekend.


Then I went out into the backyard garden and shot some photos of our baby watermelons, cucumber flowers, and maturing tomatoes. I came back and shot a picture of the harvest from the night before plus an apple from a week ago.

Before long, I got hungry. So I decided to make myself some lunch with the thought that I still have plenty of alone time. I must had jinxed it somehow because 5 minutes after I sat down for lunch, the garage door opened. Mom’s home and it’s only a little after noon. I groaned as she walked in, peeked at what I was having, chicken drumstick and rice.

So that’s the end to my Thursday. After lunch, I relaxed just a tad before walking to the bank, stood in a long line because mom was too lazy to go through the drive-thru to deposit a check.

Anyway, here are the pictures in a Mesh gallery. I’m still learning to use Mesh. So if it looks weird, just look at the normal gallery below.


Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Today Was a Good Day

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