Quick Thoughts

When was the last time I’ve written something by hand? How about Thursday? My right hand still hurts when I try to grip a pen or pencil. I spent the entire day on Thursday reading three chapters of my business law textbook while taking very detail notes for the quiz that night.


I did pretty well on the quiz, only missed one. The most obvious one, too. I’m not disappointed though. It’s only the first quiz, I’ll do better in the future. And that’s all I’ll say about this prompt, let’s move onto the next one.

I had a daily ritual last year and early this year but it was broken by the uninspiring repeating prompts. It used to be the first thing in the morning since the prompts arrive at 7 am.

Last month, right before my GMAT exam, I began a new morning ritual, daily meditation. I’d been doing that during the first 10 or 15 minutes after I wake up and it’s helping. My mind feels a bit more clearer. I haven’t been doing that this past week though because I’ve been waking up later than usual but I’ve started again this morning. Hopefully, I can keep it up.

I recently, without mom’s permission, purchased a whole year of guided meditation classes because I need it and I can. Besides, I had a coupon. Two months free.

So that’s what I’ve been doing. I guess now I should get back to my homework. Thank for reading.

Daily Prompt – Handwritten

Daily Prompt – Daily Ritual

14 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts

  1. Good reflection.

    I use a pencil when I’m alone — as in camped in a tent at 10,000 ft miles from the nearest human habitation. It just feels like there’s something more reflective to the act of processing thoughts through a complex motion that takes place within my visual field… at least more complex than poking buttons while staring at a flickering light. 😉

    I’m usually too intense to meditate easily (I’m one of those people who keeps noticing the “exit” sign in the theater during a movie). However, I think it’s very important to be able to calm one’s thoughts. Consequently, I’m more inclined toward meditation through extended periods of focused motivation, à la Csikszentmihalyi. (You can search that if it’s unfamiliar.)

    BTW – My apologies. Tonight, I’m on a computer that won’t allow whatever script that needs to run for “likes” to appear on WP pages. Otherwise, I’d add the Yi Peng lanterns to the string of friendly icons. d(^_^)

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    1. Thousands of miles away from human civilization would be nice, some quiet time to think. I wish I have that.
      Ha ha, I think I’m intense too. I’m one of those people who begins counting down to the end even before the movie begins. 😀 I think it’s important to be able calm one’s thoughts, it helps to think clearer and remember more. Thank you for reading.

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