Just My Thoughts

So I have just completed my second week of school! WooHoo! Yet, I feel like I’m about to hyperventilate. I want to scream, “People, I need to breathe! Please step away from me for a minute!”

Schoolwork is piling up quicker than I can manage. At the same time, it seems like I am in such high demand. I mean, my boss needs me, my mom needs me, my schoolwork needs me, even I need me.

Wednesday night, after texting me twice that day to call him, I finally called my boss after I got home. He’s been texting me all week, wondering when I’ll be there. He’s desperate, he told me in a text. He’s losing money and needs me to investigate. I almost threw my hands up, “I quit!” but I don’t like leave my work hanging, darn my stubbornness.

Honestly though, I don’t know what to tell him. He seems to think I know the answer. I think I might too but proving it is an entirely different matter. I mean, how do you prove you’re losing money doing off-the-record transactions?

He wondered about my priorities. He thinks I’m not putting him at the top of my priority list. He’s third actually because somehow, mom has managed to crawl to the top of that list, even above my schoolwork. She’s sort of like the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution; no one matters but her.

I’m taking 4 courses now, 10 credits. Yes, 1 more credit than the last time I reported. I’ve decided to sign up for that remaining credit since it’s just executive lectures, an easy A. I’ve decided to race through my second Bachelor degree while trying to experience more college than I did the first time around. This is turning out to be a very expensive redo.

Except instead of trudging through 4 classes, I now feel like I’m trudging through 6 because of mom. She’s taking 3 classes this semester, that’s 9 credits. Out of the 3 classes, I’ve taken 2 of those this past year. One of them involves doing homework on a website and writing essays. Mom doesn’t feel like learning anything these days. “I’m getting too old for this.” This is her excuse.

I don’t think she is. I mean there are people older than her trying to earn a degree. Why can’t she do it? So I’m wanted every 5 minutes. This week, I don’t know how many I’ve told her, “I have to read my textbook for the quiz.”

She just said, “I don’t believe you.” What is there to believe?

I am now officially looking forward to Tuesdays. It’s club meeting and it’s the one event mom doesn’t want to follow me to. So I get to drive myself to the school like a grown-up and stay there until my night class.

There, I discovered I can get a 12″ sub for $7.50 and endure it for lunch and dinner and it’s the only time I can actually get some work done. I stayed there this Tuesday. I read the 2 chapters of my textbook and passed my quiz with 100%. Whew!

So I had been mostly blogging at night, approximately 1 hour before bed and reading your posts when I get bored or when I have trouble focusing. I am writing this post just after 9 pm on a Thursday night. I’ve just got home not long ago from Business Law.

After taking a steaming hot shower, I’m feeling better. I’ve been a little sick, just a slight fever, no big deal, during the last two days due to sudden weather changes. It went from the 90’s to upper 60’s Fahrenheit on Labor Day and back in the 90’s again.

Mom tells me I should take a dose of 600 mg Ibuprofen but I refuse. I’d rather suffer the pain. I try not to rely on pain medication unless I absolutely have to.

Oh my gosh, this is turning into a giant ramble, isn’t it?

My thoughts are super scrambled right now, probably from the lack of food. I barely eat one meal these days. There’s hardly any food in the fridge and pantry. For breakfast, there’s only oatmeal, yuck. Lunch is a giant question mark and with night classes, there’s no dinner.

Ugh, Friday is another busy day. I promised my boss I’d be in to finally answer some questions. I will have to come up with a way to track off-the-record transactions. Maybe it’ll come to me in a dream.

I’m looking forward to next week because I’ll get my answer from my adviser of whether or not I’m going to Chicago in October. Next weekend is my Vegas trip, it’ll be an opportunity for me to escape the hectic reality for the weekend.

Anything you want to ask? Want to know?

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