October so far…

So, we’re already a week into October. So far, October has not been treating me as nice as September or August. It’s so far been more busy than I can manage. The weather has not been cooperating either. This is how’s looking outside my window.


Last week, I took my first exam for Business Law, it went just a little better than I had hoped which is good. I have my first auditing exam tonight, let’s hope it turns out like Business Law.

The thing is, I feel hopeless about tonight’s exam. I’ve re-read the textbook, went over all my notes, and even the powerpoint twice and still I’m not grasping the concepts. I should blame my mom for this because she’s been crazy and on the fritz ever since October began.

Last Thursday, she dragged me out of bed to make me help her study for her exam. Then as I finally began to study for my Audit exam, she said, “It’s the first, you should start on the translation.”

“Okay,” I replied, agitated.

About an hour later, lunchtime, she asked, “How much translation have you done?”

“A few,” I lied and mentally sighed.

Friday night, as I was enjoying my Friday night sitcom, “I don’t understand this,” she said as she was doing her homework.

I ignored her. Figure it out yourself. I thought. I’m already feeling bad for helping her like this, just solving the problems and handing her the answers. This is what makes me an awful tutor. “Stop watching TV and come help me with this.” She demanded with a hint of irritation. I sighed and reluctantly went to help her. There goes my Friday night.

On Saturday morning, I was woken by loud thumping and shifting of chairs upstairs. She was studying for another exam. As soon as I arrived upstairs, she said, “They still haven’t paid the rent.” She’s talking about the tenant. “I’ll bet you she doesn’t have any money. I’ll wait until tonight then tomorrow, I’ll evict her.”

That’s a little harsh, isn’t it? I thought but I don’t think she has the guts. She still doesn’t because late evening, the bishop from the tenant’s ward came and dropped off about two-third of this month’s rent for the tenant, then an hour later, the tenant came and dropped off the rest. Then the tenant proceeded to play her sympathy card which, I’m sure, made my mom feel bad.

On Sunday morning, I was going to study all day but mom insisted on making me drive back-and-forth between our home and the other rental home which recently was once again put up for rent, each time only tell me partial of what to bring. “Go home and bring some towel.”

10 minutes later, when I returned, “Bring the weed killer.”

15 minutes later, when I returned, “Bring some bottle water.”

This time, I said, “I have to go to the pharmacy. I’m out of medication.”

“Fine, then bring some when you return.”

It turned out the pharmacy wouldn’t open until 10 and it was only 9:30. So I decided to go next door to the grocery store to browse. I mostly browse in the dry goods section because I find it fascinating by how many different kinds of water there are. I mean, water is water, right?

I also stopped to marvel over how many different flavors there are of hot chocolate.


By the time I finally finished looking at the bread varieties, it was 9:52. I exited the store and made my way slowly to the pharmacy. By the time I returned to the pharmacy, it’s still wasn’t open. So I browsed the bathing section, another fascinating one with the variety of fancy soaps. My eyes landed on the face masks and after studying and analyzing the difference between the products, I decided to buy a Charcoal and Black Sugar Mask to try it out.

At 10:20, I finally returned with a pit stop at home to grab some bottled water. “I’ve already got some.” She said upon my return.

“Then why didn’t you tell me!”

“I don’t have my phone with me.” Nor do I. Still, she could’ve waited.

“I have to head home now. I was supposed to be studying but you made me run back-and-forth.”

“Fine, then go but leave the camera in the bathroom and the car.” So I did, arrived home 20 minutes later and finally began my studying.

Last night, I was so frustrated that I think I unconsciously gave my mom a piece of my mind. She was lecturing me on not going to the library. “How many times have you gone to the library? None! You don’t even work. You’re not supposed to complain how hard this is. You’re supposed to get straight-A’s!”

“Think before you speak.” I warned but she continued to ramble on. So I spoke, “I have been to the library. I hate it when you make assumptions. This is hard. I’m not like you. I don’t go asking you for help whenever I don’t get something. You have me to explain everything. What about me? I don’t have that.” She actually shut up after that.

Wow, is that how it feels? I didn’t know what came over me. I guess it was the agitation, the not-able-to-study-because-I was-spending-the-time-answering-her-questions. Anyway, in 7 hours is my exam, I better shut up and get some last-minute studying done.

12 thoughts on “October so far…

  1. You will have the guts to do it more often, the more you do it. I suggest doing it before you get angry and communicate as an adult to an adult not adult to child. Open up the communications between you and her.

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