Descend into the Night

This is becoming my favorite photo of all time. I shall call it, “Descend into the Night”. 


I took this yesterday afternoon, after I got out of work. It was around 6:30 pm but because of the afternoon rain, the sky had already darken into night and the street lights had already come on.

I was hoping to get some pictures before it got too dark since my camera doesn’t do well without full light and as I exited the parking lot, I spotted my opportunity.

The lamp post illuminated the leaves of the surrounding trees and made the leaves even more colorful and autumn-like. Perfect.

Standing where I was, I positioned the camera, zoomed in and out while adjusting the angles of the camera and my elbow but I just couldn’t get a decent shot, the green truck that was parked directly beneath the lamp post was bombing the photo. I groaned and had to walk around the truck until I was standing across from the lamp post. Oh well, a few steps wouldn’t hurt since I’ve just sitting around all day.

I was quite satisfy with the photo, admiring it as I walked home, still though, I’d like to see if I can make it better like I did with the some of my other pictures. I loaded it into Lightroom, a software I’m just now beginning to learn, and played with it.

Here are the comparisons:

I think the edited version feel more like the photo was taken at night than this one, don’t you think?

Daily Post Photo Challenge – (Extra)ordinary

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