Something Peculiar

Something real peculiar caught my eyes a couple days ago as I was walking home from work. DSCF0638It was the second time I have spotted this, the first time was at the park a few month ago. At first, I thought that white shape at the top of the mountain was a gigantic airplane (ha ha). I was like shouldn’t someone do something? Did that airplane crash? A dozen fantastical scenarios popped out of nowhere into my head. The next time I went to the park, it had mysteriously disappeared.

I didn’t notice it again until a few days ago. This time, it wasn’t even at the same spot as the first time when I saw it. My curiosity officially piqued. So I decided to take a picture, magnify it and see just what it is and I think it looks like it’s some kind of lab or observatory.

Lab at the top of a mountain? Or is it someone’s evil lair? One that can jump from one mountain to the next?

What do you that white thing at the top of the mountain is?

Daily Post Photo Challenge – Extraordinary

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