Nature’s Art


This picture was taken at Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada last September. I stopped there on my way home from Las Vegas. It was incredibly hot that day, almost 100°F and it was dry heat so every breath I took in burned in my lungs. I enjoyed the desert landscapes anyway.

I’ve chosen this picture to represent this week’s photo challenge and discover challenge because I believe the word, harmony, has a lot of different meanings. In my mind, harmony is a group of people, animals, and even objects come together in peace and create something amazing and to see, well, that’s invoking a sense, right?

When I look at this picture, it reminds me of this. In a way, this desert landscape is a work of art created by mother nature and this is how I see it:

Each time a gust of wind goes by, a group of sandstone particles would volunteer to surrender their place, they would choose to explore elsewhere even though they knew that once they leave, they’re never coming back. Over time, as more and more of these sandstone particles choose to move on, to travel and find a new home by means of the wind, a gaping hole would be in their places and sooner or later, the rock will look more and more like a block of Swiss cheese or it will transform into a peculiar sculpture that looks like the upper half of a man’s body.

Daily Post Photo Challenge – Harmony

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11 thoughts on “Nature’s Art

  1. Living in southern Arizona… we have 100 degree plus days most of the summer. Even though it is a “dry heat” with low single digit humidity… it is still very very hot. But I don’t mind it… in fact I kinda like it. And the pleasant winters more than make up for the hot summers… at least as far as I’m concerned.

    Although the desert in Nevada is different than the desert in southern Arizona… I thoroughly enjoy the desert landscapes as do you. I never tire of looking at the mountains… I never tire of walking through the desert floor… I never tire of the desert plant life.

    That’s a fascinating rock formation you chose to photograph. I like your “as I see it” explanation as well. I am really enjoying reading and looking at your presentations. Keep up the good work!


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