A-Z Challenge 2016: C for Change


Did I tell you about my new friend, Kat? I met her in school a few weeks ago and at first, I was very happy because making friends had never been easy for me and it’s been a long time since I’ve had a friend. We hit it off and during spring break, I secretly visited her. I’ve been doing so many things secretly lately that I’m starting to get a rush.

Anyway, her home was extremely simple, few furniture and decorations. However, I noticed she had a few posters of pretty girls taped against her kitchen wall. “What’s up with those?” I asked.

“I want to be like them.” She replied right away. Why, I asked her. “I want to be beautiful!”

At that moment, I felt puzzled. She’s already beautiful. She has a husband who loves her for her, who allows her all the freedom she desires, not requiring her to go to work, let her buy whatever she desires, so why would she want to go through the trouble of changing her appearance?

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10 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge 2016: C for Change

      1. I had a mother like that, needless to say, I left home when I was eighteen, never regret it, now I have many friends. Hope you get your sorted also.
        Blessings to you.

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  1. Oh. This is true story. I thought it was fiction and she was so beautiful because she was stealing beauty. Your fiction self was about to be her next victim.
    Reality puts a whole new light on the story.
    Either way nice one.

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