A-Z Challenge 2016: H for Home

Home Quote

This quote is very true in a way and I can’t help but reminisce on this old song when I see the quote.

The lyrics says [credit: lyricmode]:

Some people live in a house on the hill
And wish they were some place else
There’s nobody there
When the evening is still
Secrets with no one to tell

Some I have known have a ship where they sleep
With sounds of rocks on the coast
They sail over oceans five fathoms deep
But can’t find what they want the most

Even now when I’m alone
I’ve always known with you
I am home

Some live in towns
Cardboard shack on concrete
All bluster and bustling life
They search for the color they can never quite see
Cause it’s all white on white

Even now when I’m alone
I’ve always known with you
I am home

For me it’s a glance and the smile on your face the touch of your hands,
And an honest embrace
For where I lay it’s you I keep,
This changing world I fall asleep
With you all I know is I’m coming home,
Coming home

What is your definition of a home? Please share.

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Image Credit: Pinterest

28 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge 2016: H for Home

  1. After 21 years of trying to get away from the place I grew up in, I discovered that I always thought of the place I just left as home. That was true for the next 40 years. But I finally found home where I am.

    Thanks for the quote and the thoughts.

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  2. For me, home is a myth. It’s something that is in my past and to search/copy/imitate past home is a waste of time. I believe that home is where I am now wherever I am. It’s a self-realization to be comfortable wherever I am.

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