A-Z Challenge 2016: G for Greed

Greed Quote

My mom often complains to me why others can relax while she has to spend all her time working. “What did I do to the world?” She’d ask. “To deserve such a hard life?” 

What she doesn’t get is she makes my life that much harder by complaining. “How about just be happy with what you have?” I wish I can sometimes tell her. “You have three houses, with two houses as asset, adequate money in the bank, and two cars. There are so many with so much less.”

Money and greed ruin people. My mom never talked about money much when I was younger. I think the conversation began after she came to the U.S. and those conversations escalated in the recent years. Every conversation, no matter who she’s talking to, would eventually default to money. It’s always money money money with her. She’s constantly wanting more.

“Money can’t buy happiness,” I want to tell her sometimes but let’s face it, it’s not like she’ll listen. The “listening” train has left the station and lately, that issue has escalated especially with the eviction of our tenants in March and the rental house sits in its disrepair state, needing expensive repairs. I can no longer care, not with school and work, and at times, she attempts to get my attention by shouting, attempting to clue me into what’s going on in her world while I attempt to listen.

It is very tiring to always hear about how she wants more money or about how money makes her life hell and guess what, it’s going to drive everyone away. In fact, she’s already lost me and eventually, like the quote says, you can have it all but you’re going to end up alone.

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12 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge 2016: G for Greed

      1. I don’t think a person is satisfied if they want more. Maybe greed is what happens when you have enough but you want more. But I do think a little bit of greed is good to get you going to achieve goals. But if it’s about money every day then yes, you are right, that’s too much

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  1. I agree with you-having money is not everything in this world.It helps to get abetter quality of life,but what use it is to you,if you are all alone.Money doesn’t equal happines!

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