Ah, at last, a photo challenge about food and boy oh boy, do I have something to share. 

Actually, I kind of miss cooking dinner by myself. I get to make what I want and I won’t have my mom tell me the vegetable is still dirty even though I’ve cleaned it 3 times and I certainly won’t have my mom shouting how dirty the kitchen is.

Anyway, here are a few of the wonderful dishes I made myself during those night when mom had to work at the restaurant but not anymore and now, I’ll just have to settle for lunch. Still though, I enjoyed my culinary adventure while it lasted.

Oh, and I know how much I talk about getting tired of Chinese food but I think I’m just tired of my mom’s cooking, of the soggy meats and vegetables and constantly eating flavor-less rice.

Are you hungry yet?

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Daily Post Photo Challenge – Dinnertime

15 thoughts on “Dinnertime

  1. My daughter-in-law is Korean and since she has blessed our lives we have grown a new appreciation for Asian food. I have also come to appreciate how many different areas of Asia have their own cuisine. I tend to shy away from some of the more “exotic” dishes… I guess I’m too much of a “meat and potato American” to enjoy a few of the traditional foods… but I do try everything and I certainly am thankful she wants to share her dishes with us. Food photography is difficult (which is why food stylists make so much money!)… but you’ve done a good job here. Nice images Yinglan!

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    • Thank you, when I cook, I like to make my dish as nice as possible even when I’m not taking a picture of it. The aesthetics is important for a pleasing meal.


      • That reminds me of something I get teased about. On occasion… I have probably frequented every fast-food joint known to humankind. My two favorites are Freddy’s and In-N-Out. At all the other places when you “eat-in” your burger is in a box… period. BUT… at Freddy’s and In-N-Out the burger is actually facing you. And at In-N-Out they present it in such a way that I actually see it as smiling at you. That’s right… your burger is smiling at you! And I get teased about my “smiling burger”.

        I have a few other “presentation” stories… but they can wait. Presentation is important. You do a good job.


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      • I ate at In-N-Out once and I don’t remember much other than they make their burgers fresh and immediately after you order. 😀 I agree, most of the other fast food joints just put the burger in a box and that’s it. Thank you for reading and sharing. 🙂


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