Sunday Hiking: Adam’s Canyon

For almost a month, I’ve been surfing the internet, researching for a trail near me to hike. There are so many near me but I can’t go, not when my mom’s constantly at home. She hates the mountains, you see? And other than school and work, I can’t use the car. Doesn’t that feels like I’m grounded all the time? With her gone for two weeks for training, I finally got a chance.

To be honest, I didn’t think I would go because the weather had gone from hot to cold again but I went in the afternoon.


I wasn’t sure what I was expected when I parked the car at the trail-head parking lot and began the trail. Good view? Yes, Water? Absolutely! One thing I wasn’t expecting, the uphill climb. I could’ve sworn I felt like the climb would never end but here I was near the top looking back at the city. Another thing I wasn’t expecting, the traffic noise, I felt like I was standing right next to the highway. I’m in nature, I’m not supposed to hear traffic noises.


The dandelions are huge here. I have never seen such a large one and it’s amusing to me. Apparently, everything’s bigger in the wild.


This view reminded me a little of the landscape in Zion National Park. At this point, I’ve been climbing for about 15 or 20 minutes and already, I was incredibly breathless. I’ve already broken out my first bottle of water.


Here is where the trail finally leveled out to an easy walk and as I entered the woodsy area, I heard the noise I dreaded, the noise I’m trying to run away from. Planes! Ugh, what does it take to get away from that noise?


After two days, I finally see blue skies again.


This has to be my favorite of all. At this moment, I was almost half way which would be my turnaround point. It’s about a 4 mile trail and I think I turned around at about 1.5 miles. Not that I was tired, I just couldn’t go any further. The trail had begun to become more rigorous and I’m pretty sure if I continue, I would require a walking stick which I don’t have. So maybe I’ll come back another time.

Not bad for my first solo nature hike. I hope to do more hiking on other trails really soon, as long as my mom has no knowledge of course. Can’t wait!

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9 thoughts on “Sunday Hiking: Adam’s Canyon

    1. She doesn’t like the mountain, she says it reminds her of military boot camp and she’s dramatically afraid of snakes. So as much as I want to bring her along, I don’t want someone who screams at every little sounds nature makes especially if that sound sounded like a rattle snake.


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