#AtoZChallenge 2021 – I am a Rebel

Believe me when I say this, I did not used to be a rebel. I was a goody-two-shoes who did everything I was asked to do and please my mom was my life until…

One day, something snapped in my brain. It was like a mechanism finally fell into place. It was like there was this other me asleep for all these years and suddenly wakes. It was like a door opened up inside me, allowing me to experience reality for the first time.

It wasn’t sudden. It was gradual but it was quick and two of my biggest discoveries so far are food and nature.


I used to think oriental foods are the best foods in the world and all other foods – Italian, Mexican, Greek – are yuck because according to mom, that’s what she thought about any other food. Then I had my first taco, first gyro, first plate of Greek rice pilaf, and suddenly, I knew mom was wrong. There are much more varieties of foods and cuisines than what I’ve been eating my whole life.

Since then, I’ve been exploring – cheeses, ingredients, and the different ways to cook and/or jazz up foods. It has been one of my many rebellions during the last few years.


The first time I visited a forest was in 2016. Before then, I used to avoid the forests like a plague. Why? Because Mom hated it, still does. Reasons being dangerous and full of rattle snakes. I remember her complaining all the way as she shakily maneuvered the rental car through the curvy road of the California forest. “This is my last time driving to Red Wood National Forest,” She kept saying.

During her friend’s visit in the summer of 2016, they told me they wanted to see nature. Nature and I haven’t met yet. So I led them to the Uintah National Forest. That was also the first time I actually stopped and hiked a trail.

After that marvelous introduction with nature, I decided to do a solo hike and have since come to find out solo hikes are the best – no complaining, no arguing, no whining – just me and some trees and gorgeous views.


I believe my rebellious nature is part of my trait, “I will prove you wrong“.

I want to prove that there are more out there than work and money, and eat the same food over and over.

I want to prove that this world is diverse – full of beautiful places – and we’re not meant to roam the same street over and over forever.

Lastly, I want to prove that we’re all unique. We have our likes and dislikes. You like something doesn’t mean I like something. Because if we all like the same things, then we might as well be robots.

Theme: Of all the things I am

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