#WeekendCoffeeShare: Curious (About Cheese)

Credit: Joseph Gonzalez via Unsplash

Good morning, let’s drink some coffee and have some breakfast, shall we? Or if you’ve already had your breakfast, then you can just sit there with your coffee while I make my breakfast. I’m up early this morning, you have to be if you want to make your own breakfast.

This morning, I’m making French Toast. It’s been an unbelievably long time since I’ve had French Toast. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I had French Toast.

That’s the whole reason why I bought this pricey loaf of brioche yesterday.I want French Toast!

While I make my French Toast, I would tell you I had an incredible day yesterday even though the day didn’t go at all like I’ve planned. In fact, it was an impromptu kind of day.

I had a church event in the morning where we went to this lady’s house to see her nativity collection. It was a collection, all right. There were nativity items in every room. It was incredible and as I walked through the house, I thought if this was me, I would not have the patience to spend weeks and weeks putting up and decorating the house.

After the tour, I went to pick up my aunt and together, we went shopping. I had quite a few things to buy and so did she. I mainly wanted to get a new pair of boots since the bottom of my old boots tragically got punctured. I didn’t even noticed until I felt water seeping into my shoes from the bottom. Unfortunately, the store didn’t have the boots I was looking for.

If we were having coffee, I would say my French Toasts should be about done by now and would invite you to try a slice. I’m not sure it’s good though. I have been failing at cooking lately.

If we were having coffee and French Toasts, I would tell you after getting home from shopping, I discovered my mom had left for the day and most likely wouldn’t be back until late night which meant I was free for the afternoon, I could do whatever I wanted. Yipee!

I was determined to find my boots. I got in my car and drove to another store and darn it, that store had it but not in my size. So I went to the mall 15 minutes away and it was so crowded I had to park a little farther than I wanted. Oh well, my Fitbit loved that.

By the time I finished browsing the stores at one end of the mall and made it back to the car, I was 8,000 into my daily 10,000 steps. I decided it would be too far to walk from the other end of the mall to my car. So I drove around and parked on the other end of the mall.

It’s okay if you’re confused. This outdoor mall is so ridiculously large that there are two huge parking lots.

Credit: Rebecca Orlov via Unsplash

Anyway, of all the stores, I decided to spend 90 minutes at a grocery store browsing cheeses. Can you believe it? CHEESE!

But what can I say? I’m curious and there were a LOT of cheeses – American cheeses, French cheeses, German, Dutch, Swiss, Greek…

After over 90 minutes of browsing, I decided on a small block of Parmigiano Reggiano, Swiss Guyere, and Greek Feta, all imported from Europe and the prices per pound made my eyes pop out of their sockets. I also bought a loaf of brioche so I would have French Toast for this 3-day weekend.

Oh, didn’t I mention? Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday, thus I get a day off.

If we were having coffee and something to eat, I would thank you for another chat. If you’ll excuse me, I must now go online and read more about the different kind of cheeses and their uses so I’ll know what to buy the next time I hit the supermarket but please, come back soon for the next edition of #weekendcoffeeshare.

25 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: Curious (About Cheese)

  1. I remember French toast from my childhood, when Mother often made it for supper as well as breakfast. Lovely meal! Particularly with strawberry preserves. My two favorite cheeses, lately, are Fresh Mozzarella cheese (but NOT the vegan variety) and “bread cheese” (which I cut into cubes and briefly heat in the microwave). Looking forward to your continuing cheese searches!

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    1. Breakfast for dinner. My favorite. And I had my French Toast with cherry preserves today and frankly, I can’t tell the difference between cherry and strawberry preserves. I think those things are just too sweet to tell the difference.

      I haven’t had enough Mozzarella to convince me to like this cheese yet. My current favorite is feta and I think with my dairy sensitivity, I think I might stick to goat cheese for a while since goat cheeses don’t affect me the way cow cheeses affect me. I am so looking forward to learning more about the different types of cheeses especially those with different colors in them.

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    1. I was having trouble deciding whether to buy Challah or Brioche yesterday. I ultimately went with a brioche because I was more familiar with the bread. So if I had chosen Challah, then my French Toast would really had been Challah French Toast. 😃 I also find diners and cafes tend to have the best French Toasts. I ordered one about 5 years ago and never forgot about it. 🙂

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    1. I try not to accumulate anything especially shoes but it’s good to have a pair that would goes nicely with every weather and occasion.
      Haha, I remember when my step father made me French toast, he always would place a large bottle of syrup in front of me, fully expected me to drown my French toast in syrup but I never do because I like my French toast salty just the way it is. 😄

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