#AtoZChallenge 2021 – I am out to Prove myself

When I got my mountain bike about a month ago, when I was assembling it, my aunt came over and said, “Just sell it already, get some cash back.”

Adamantly, I replied, “What if I want to learn to ride it?”

She scoffed, “I don’t see it happening.”

Oh yeah? I thought, I’ll show you.

I am a I’ll-prove-to-you kind of person. If you say I can’t do something, I’ll prove I can. My mom calls this stubborn behavior. I call it determined.

I began writing short stories and flash fictions a few years ago and found myself enjoy it very much. For years, my imagination has been wild and sometimes it makes me wonder whether something was real. Writing stories was my way to put those thoughts into words and a clutch to return to reality.

When my mom found out I was writing short stories, like always, I didn’t receive any encouragement or any kind words. Instead, she urged me to stop writing, saying my writing will never be good and will never be amounted to anything.

I was neither shock nor surprised.

My mom had said the same thing when I got accepted into a technical college to become a graphic designer. “You’ll never make money or find a job in that field.” She’d said.

What’s one more crushed dream?

Except, I wasn’t going to let her crush this one. You say I can’t write well? I’ll prove it.

I finally proved it in 2018 when one of my short stories titled Why got published in two anthologies – Utah’s Emerging Writers and America’s Emerging Writers. I didn’t need Mom’s validation to know I proved I can write a good story.

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