Just like riding a bike…

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova on Pexels.com

A few weeks back, I won the grand prize at a prize drawing at work. I was honestly shocked when the HR department contacted me. I did not expect I’d win, let alone read the announcement that listed the grand prize.

The prize was a mountain bike – a 21-speed mountain bike, to be specific.

Oh, that was my reaction when I saw the announcement. It wasn’t an “oh, I’m disappointed” oh. It was more like a “what do I do with a bike?” oh.

Growing up, I have learned to ride a bike by myself. I don’t remember having anybody teaching me or guiding me. My dad wasn’t that kind of a dad. I think the reason I could ride a bicycle without assistance was that the bicycle had training wheels.

Unfortunately, I never got off the training wheels and completely stopped riding a bike when I was 7.

The bike arrived at my house over the weekend and I spent a few hours on Sunday assembling the thing by watching instructional videos on YouTube. The owner’s manual for the bike was crap. I couldn’t tell which part was which and the language was way too technical. Mom suggested my uncle assemble the bike. “Why?” I asked. “Because he’s a man?”

I’d bet he’d be more confused than I am especially since he doesn’t speak or understand English. Besides, I don’t need no man’s help. My mom must had forgotten I redecorated my bedroom last summer and I, alone, assembled all the new furniture.

Shortly after I started assembling the bike, my aunt came over. “Why are you putting this thing together?” She asked. “Put it back in the box and sell it.”

“Why?” I asked. “It’s my bike. I won it. I’ll decide what I do with it.”

She scoffed, “You won’t be able to reach the pedals. I can’t even reach the pedals.” How does she know that? I haven’t even put the front wheel on the bike.” I ignored her and returned to figuring out the mechanics of the bike.

A short while after, the assembly was finished. The bike stood glimmering beneath the shining sun. It felt like the beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and it’s mine. “Sell it!” My aunt’s voice echoed in my head. I shook that thought away as the sentimentality kicked in.

I can’t sell this. It’s mine. I have always wanted a bike, so what if I don’t know how to ride a two-wheel bike. I’ll learn, I thought resolutely. It shouldn’t be that hard, right?

Immediately, I grabbed my phone and searched, “how to ride a bike” on YouTube. Right away, dozens upon dozens of results populated the screen. Most titled, “How to learn to ride a bike in 5 minutes.”

That easy, eh?

I guess we’ll see.

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