Halloween Light Show

I did not think I would have a post to submit for this week’s photo challenge but there I was, Saturday night – October 29th, two days before Halloween – walking home with my aunt from a Halloween party hosted by the local ward and we encountered a light show. Actually, my aunt knew there was a light show. She steered me toward it. She witnessed one from the same house two Christmases ago. She knew the owner did one for every holiday. She just didn’t know when this one would begin.


So there we stood beneath the twilight sky and watched the owner of this spectacular house pull out his phone and began tapping it. “He’s programming the lights,” my aunt told me, “that’s what he did the last time.”

Shortly, as the sky darkened completely, thunder began to roar. I immediately gazed at the sky because lately, the weatherman had been predicting rain and there’s never any rain, just dark clouds, gloomy skies, and wind. The thunder turned out to be from a speaker hidden somewhere among this amazing decoration. As the thunder died, the song “Party Rock Anthem” began blasting from the speakers. It was like a concert with the pumpkins as part of a choir while the faces at the windows were the stars.


“Whoa!” I exclaimed as I watched the mouths of the faces move along to the song lyric. The engineering part of me immediately wondered how did he, the owner, program it to do that. The other part of me just stood there with my jaws hung down in amazement.

As the show went on, cars began to line the street. Some stopped in the middle of the road until another car showed up behind them, forcing them to move forward. Across the street, my aunt snapped away. Picture after picture while I stood next to her, enjoying the Halloween music. I did not know the songs that came on after Party Rock Anthem but who cares, I enjoyed some oldies once in a while.

My aunt asked, “Is this country music?” I laughed.

“It’s called show tunes.”


Eventually, the music returned from oldies show tunes back to 21st century. The lights became flashier and brighter and the sequence seemed to have become a little more complex. To me, it signified the light show is coming to an end. I lifted my watch to the light and glanced at the time, about 30 minutes had gone by since the beginning of the show but it felt like such a long time ago.

As the last song came to an end, thunder began once again. “Would you like to see it again?” I asked my aunt.

“Do you want to?” She replied.

I shook my head. “I think once is enough.”

I recorded some clips of the show and put them together. I hope you can view and enjoy the music.

Daily Post Photo Challenge – Transmogrify

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