A Spooky Halloween Story

Happy Halloween!

Though I’m not a fan of the dressing up and going Trick or Treating, I’m a fan of scary stories, caution, “stories”, not movies. Anyway, I wrote this Halloween-themed story last year but since I have so many new readers this year, I’ve decided to re-post it. Unfortunately, it’s kind of long. Therefore I will post the beginning below and if you have to find out what happens next, click the link “Continue Reading…” and read on.


I shrieked as my notebook flew out of my hand. “What the hell!” I snapped at my jerk of a brother, Jake and punched him in the arm.

“Ow!” He replied in a mocking voice as he bent over and picked up my notebook. “Why did you do that?”

“Because you deserved it.” I snatched the notebook from his hand. “What are you doing here? Didn’t you see the ‘Do not disturb’ sign?”


“Not funny, get out, I have work to do.” I sat back down in my chair and waited a moment. “I don’t hear you leaving.”

“What if I don’t want to leave?” My grip on the pen tightened as I clenched my teeth. My patience was running dangerously low. I had three pages to write and less than eight hours left for sleeping. “What are you going to do about it?”

Oh I’ll show you what I’m going to do about it. I got out of my comfortable chair and turned to my brother, shoulders tightened and back slightly hunched like a fierce dog poised for an attack. I grabbed his shoulder – one of the pros of being six inches taller than Jake – and push him across my bedroom’s threshold. He prepared to advance and that was my cue to slam the door.

I locked the door and returned to my desk, massaging my temples along the way. God, why can’t I have a sister? I sat back in my chair, blew a mouthful of air, and turned my attention to the paper at the corner of the desk.

It’s the prompt for my English homework. Write a Halloween story, it read. Below the sentence were a bunch of rules of what we can and can’t write. I sighed. “Let’s see, the story must take place on Halloween, not the next day or the day before. It must be rated G or PG, must contain a haunted house blah blah blah.”

So many rules, courtesy of Mrs. Ashby, my English teacher who is all about rules. On the first day of class, she made us memorize her fifteen ridiculous classroom rules. It’s like if one day when rules cease to exist, the world would end.

A Halloween story with a…

Continue Reading…

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