Captured in the perspective of…


…an ant, a tiny creature?

I am glad for the topic of tiny this week because I spent two afternoons in the backyard taking pictures of leaves and plants earlier this week.

The above picture was posted on my Instagram yesterday. I didn’t notice the peculiar shadow until minutes after I took this picture when I was standing beneath the shade squinting at the camera’s tiny screen. Doesn’t the shadow looked like a bird?

In my opinion, it looked like phoenix. “Perfect,” I muttered, proud of the picture but then I noticed I didn’t capture the entire shadow. Darn!

Quickly, I returned to the spot and with my back bending low, I made sure top position the camera slightly to the right to capture the entire shadow. No such luck. I snapped the picture seven more times and still, no luck. The weed was out of focus and so was the shadow. The camera was focused on the fence in the background.

That was so frustrating!


Here is another picture from that day. Another frustrating attempt. This one took me five tries and the camera was still focused on the green foliage behind it but it does looks a little bit like it’s from an ant’s perspective. Don’t you think so?

Here are the technical specifications:

Picture 1: Sony DSC-W8000 (f/8, 5 mm, ISO-100, 1/160 sec)
Picture 2: Sony DSC-W8000 (f/3.2, 5 mm, ISO-100, 1/250 sec)

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23 thoughts on “Captured in the perspective of…

  1. Try this: aim the camera at what you want in focus. Depression the shutter button half way without shooting. Still holding the button halfway down, recompose your picture. Depression the button fully (take the shot). Hopefully this will keep the focus where you want it in your final picture. Also, check your camera manual to see how close you can get to your subject. Maybe you were too close for the camera to focus on what you wanted. Good luck!

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  2. Actually to me many of the shadows in that picture look like birds. All different kinds and sizes, I wasn’t quite sure which shadow you were speaking of at first. There are two small birds to the right, the Phoenix, perhaps an Eagle or something with a long neck to left of the Phoenix, and a small bird to the left of the “Eagle”….so the picture is actually filled with bird shadows. Amazing! Yes they do look like they are from an ant’s perspective…very cool! πŸ™‚

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    • I looked at the picture again and you’re right. That picture was full of shadows. I know what you mean and it took me a minute but I see it, it looked like there are two birds, flying in opposite directions. I can even see a shadow in the shape of lightning on the other side of the picture. πŸ™‚ I am beginning to like shadows, they play such great visual tricks.

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  5. ‘…an ant, a tiny creature?’ πŸ™‚ I was searching each of the photos for an ant. πŸ™‚
    Would you believe I see a squirrel shadow in the first pic? The head is on the right and moves behind the plants and then I saw the tail. Do you see it in the middle of the photo? This was a fun post zeroeing in on detail from an ant’s view.

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