Photo of the Day!


I am tailoring this week’s photo of the day to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s topic is Repurpose and I believe I have some photos in mind. 

This is one of the oldest residential building in my hometown of Zhongshan and recently, it’s been fixed up for the new year because after the new year, this will be a dojo. I don’t know which kind of martial arts classes it will hold. I kidded with my aunt I want to take self-defense here because before I left for China, my mom exaggerated what big bad dog-eat-dog place China is. So I need to defend myself.

The other day, I walked by this old house again. The doors were open and in the courtyard, a group were dressed in black tradition Chinese clothing. They seemed to be doing some kind of exercise. I didn’t linger but I felt slightly afraid. I am afraid of pain and learning this kind of self-defense seems like it requires quite a bit of pain. Yikes! No thanks.

Technical Details

Sony NEX-5T v. 1.00 (f/4, 16 mm, ISO-500, 1/160 sec)

Daily Post Photo Challenge

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