#WeekendCoffeeShare: The Week After Labor Day

Good morning and thank you for joining me for this lovely chat on this beautiful Saturday. The weather this week has been a little cooler but not by much although I do feel autumn is approaching. The sky is getting darker at earlier times. You know what, I’ll have another cappuccino. What about you?

Getting back to work after the long Labor Day weekend was difficult. It had nothing to do with work. It was the morning traffic, it seemed every time the traffic lady came on the radio, there would be another accident popping up somewhere along the valley.

What’s wrong with people?

Then there was a grass fire about 30 miles north which caused another highway to shut down. I used to take that road to get to school when I did my accounting undergraduate. I felt bad for the students stuck on that road trying to get to their morning classes.

After dropping my mom off at work that morning, it took me another 30 minutes to reach work. I was so late. Fortunately, no one was there.

That morning, as the firefighters tried to battle that fire, I got an email from my Alma-mater asking for volunteers to help battle the fire. The fire must had been quite severe if they were asking for volunteers.

Credit: Standard Examiner

By the afternoon, the smoke from that fire had traveled about 50 miles south, clouding the skies outside the office. I could no longer see the mountains out the window.

That evening, my mom decided on carpooling with me to work for now. Yay!* said sarcastically. 😒

When I got into the car Wednesday morning, I felt off but couldn’t quite put my fingers on where. It was when I got to the office when I finally figured it out – the sky, the red sun, the haze! The smoke from the fire had put a film over everything. No wonder!

There was a major bad news that day. Mr. COO was back in the U.S. My nightmare is coming back to the office the next day. Oh no!!!

Well, there goes my peace.

But to tell you, it wasn’t as bad as I imagined. He didn’t talk much. He mostly slept, probably still adjusting to the 15-hour time difference. I’m glad for that.

On Friday evening, I went to a dinner gathering. To be honest, I didn’t want to go. After a long day at work, I would rather lay on the sofa enjoying some television than to socialize with strangers but going to dinner beats trying to figure out how to get home by train. So I went. The food was not bad. After dinner, we each took a seat and began a lively discussion.

However, that lively discussion became a heated argument. I didn’t join in because I didn’t have the energy to debate. Basically, this guy was comparing a single person to everyone.

I don’t agree with that assessment. No two person are alike. God has made us different, made us to be our own individual unique person with individual thoughts, moral ethics, and personality. Just because one person does something doesn’t mean everyone else will do that something. It was so wrong for that guy to make that comparison.

After leaving the gathering, as I was driving home, I suddenly realized I have to do a speech for Toastmasters, a public speaking club, at the end of this month and I still haven’t written a speech. The heated argument may had given me something to write about.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say for now. Thank you for joining me and hope you can join me again same time next Saturday.

21 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: The Week After Labor Day

  1. Happy Toastmaster-ing, Fellow Toastmaster. I qualified at our local humorous speech contest; will be in the Area contest next week. Enjoy writing your speech, and ham it and bring laughter or cause tears for the poignancy of your words, whichever you go for.

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  2. Sorry your COO is back and hopefully it’s not for long. At least doing other things you cannot think about work and him on the weekend. My math teacher used to say: “Better to say and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” I thought about this when you talked about your rude dinner guest. Hope your Mom is heeling and you have a good rest of the weekend.

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    • Those are some wise words. It’s also kind of my motto. 🙂
      I felt bad for the dinner host for having to put up with this behavior from her dinner guest.
      My mom’s healing all right but still being a baby sometimes.
      Have a good weekend to you too.

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