Photo of the Day!

I never knew my neighbor’s raspberry bush had so much raspberries. Now that the house is mine, I am taking raspberries to work everyday. Meanwhile, at home, my aunt has this pesky habit where she puts the berries out for half day before eating it. It drives me insane sometimes. The berries are too cold, she said.

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Technical Details

Sony NEX-5T v.1.00 (f/5, 29 mm, ISO-100, 1/160 sec)

16 thoughts on “Photo of the Day!

    1. I love any kind of berries, as long as they’re sweet and edible. 😄 My aunt, she doesn’t like cold foods at all because in China, everything must be heated before eating. So I think it’s become a habit for her to eat everything warm.

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      1. Mushrooms I’m very careful with, but berries are pretty straight-forward to me. As an avid gardener, biologist, gleaner, and camping enthusiast 😊 I’ve learned to identify many of our local plants and berries for safe consumption in the wild!

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      2. It takes time — and I take it for granted as my background is biology 🌿 Start by learning a favorite to identify in both dormant (non-fruit bearing) and fruit bearing state. Leaves, where it grows, shape of fruit, stem shape, and you’ll feel confident to tackle another. For me, my limited expertise in mushrooms makes me hesitant to eat any in the wild. Due to toxicity, and hallucinogenic properties, of some mushrooms makes mycology something I’m not well- versed in.

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