#DSFWeeklyRewind: A Slower Week

Good afternoon and thank you for joining me on this Saturday. The temperature today has been forecast to be in the low-50’s Fahrenheit (10-degree-Celsius) by late-afternoon and it’s only peaking out in the upper-30’s this morning. Yikes!

It’s been a week with a slower, more relaxed pace. I got to sleep a little longer since my mom is once again doing overtime and I told her to take the bus to work instead of waking me up 30 minutes before my alarm sounds.

Driving myself to work is starting to be fun again. I got to turn up the music and sing along instead of listening to my mom’s groaning and complaining about the slow drivers of the carpool lanes. I found out I actually get to work quicker without the carpool lane.

Work has been slower than the previous week since we are in the middle of the month. I usually spend the first two weeks of each month updating everything and preparing the financial statements. Those are the busy weeks. Then until the last week of the month, I’m pretty much done for the month, except for a few invoices now and then.

Next week is the last full week of the month, which would mean I’m busy again – printing checks for invoices coming due, rent checks for the company, and salaries for the employees. However, I’ll take whatever free time there is to write because as I explained in my previous post, I’m attempting to challenge myself in writing.

Autumn is really taking its sweet time this year. The Japanese maple outside my sitting room window is slowly starting to turn red. Last weekend, I went out to find only two leaves that had changed color and yesterday, I discovered almost half of the tree leaves are red and the Japanese Azaleas in my backyard is also turning red. I’m looking to photographing those changes.

Lastly, I would like to update you on my DIY project which I started last weekend. My mom came home last Sunday to find me patching my comforter. I told her what I was doing and she said it was a waste of time to buy fabric and thread to fix this comforter and that I should throw it away.

I gasped. “Throw it away? Never in a million year.” Some of you will probably think I’m too sentimental and that my mom’s right but I will never find another comforter as soft as this one and it’s been with me for the past decade, I can’t possibly throw it away and what’s wrong with patching it? After I patched it, it will be almost brand new.

I’ve spent the past week patching this comforter and so far, I’ve finished patching the small holes. I’m just three more holes away from finish. Here are some pictures of the progress.

I would like to thank you for dropping by this morning and hoped you enjoyed our conversation. I would also hope you can join me again next weekend.

16 thoughts on “#DSFWeeklyRewind: A Slower Week

  1. Thanks for joining in #DSFWeeklyRewind again! It’s good that you enjoy your slow weeks. I would keep and patch a super soft and favorite item, too. Autumn is taking its time in Pennsylvania, too. I hate that.

    Have a great week!

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  2. Weather has been throwing us a curve. Our trees turn color overnight and then color has deepen. We went out for breakfast this morning. A beautiful fall Drive and in their distance snow on the mountains starting about 4,000 feet. There was a lovely sunrise this morning, I took some pictures but I don’t think I caught his beautiful this morning was.

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  3. Japanese maples are such pretty trees! And there is nothing at all wrong with repairing something instead of throwing it away.. ??? Good for you.. And it looks great!

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