#DSFWeeklyRewind: It’s Gonna Be Strange

Good morning and thank you for joining me on this Sunday. I was helping my mom pack for her business trip to Hong Kong while doing some last-minute shopping yesterday, so I couldn’t join in.

I bet this week will feel strange with my mom gone and in a different time zone, I’ll have to cook for myself and clean up after myself while enjoying the freedom of having the house to myself for the second time since I moved in. The first was two weeks ago when my mom went to her training.

The part I’m looking forward is I don’t have to eat rice. I don’t know if I mentioned this but all my meals come with rice which I’m getting very tired of. It’s always rice, rice, rice. What about pasta? What about a nice healthy sandwich or a salad? Does rice always has to take over my meals?

So yeah, I’m looking forward to a rice-free week and I’m looking forward to eating healthy.

Anyway, last week went by very fast for me. I think that’s what happens when you’re looking forward to something, in my case, being alone. The week also goes very quick when you’re busy. I wasn’t exactly busy about work last week. I was busy about my Toastmaster speech. I can’t believe I’m still having trouble writing that thing! It’s been almost 3 months and I haven’t written a single word. I mean, I have but I didn’t like it so I deleted it but come on, it’s only been a year since I’ve written speeches, am I really that bad at writing speeches now?


I’m not sure what my problem is. Writing speeches used to be a piece of cake for me and now, I can’t compose anything. Maybe it’s just the prompt or maybe I should stop thinking it like an essay and start realizing it’s a story. Maybe I should just tell a story. After all, I am using the storyteller manual.

What more happened last week?

Oh yeah, I got myself some clothes yesterday. It was incredible because I’m usually the hardest person to shop for clothes. The pants are usually either too tight around the waist or around the thighs. Meanwhile, the shirts would expose all my fat and make my arms look huge. Ugh!!! So you can tell I was surprised when I was able to find shirts that fit and didn’t make me look big and the pants were so warm and comfortable. I have a feeling I won’t be cold this winter.

Finally, what can I say?

Autumn is in full swing. Most of the leaves on my maple trees have turned red but not as red as the burning bush in my backyard which is a name I learned thanks to Google and fellow blogger, PJ. Another week has gone by which makes it another week closer to the end of 2017.

I want to thank you for dropping by this morning and hoped you enjoyed our conversation. I would also hope you can join me again next weekend.

4 thoughts on “#DSFWeeklyRewind: It’s Gonna Be Strange

    1. I tried to limit myself too but it seemed that in the end, it was either eat rice or go hungry. I’m sort-of a vegetarian too and I agree, there are plenty of other alternatives.


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