#DSFWeeklyRewind: Bread-Making Week

Good morning and thank you for joining me on this Sunday. I think I’ll start posting this on Sunday from now on since I’m usually super tired on Friday night to reflect on the week. This way, it’ll give me Saturday to reflect.

It’s been a busy week. Super busy. So busy that I didn’t get to do some three-posts-days.

I spent this week catching up to the inventory at work. Apparently, we received A lot of hay the last two months, A lot that I hadn’t had a chance to enter it into the computer. Yikes!

Then my boss called and told me he had signed three more contracts with our suppliers which meant I had to negotiate with the bank and pay the deposits since we depend on a bank loan.

Great! In the meantime, the suppliers jammed my inbox with invoices for every damn load they’d ever shipped followed by 10 pages statements.

It seemed like everyone in the office was sitting around chatting while I was working my butt off. I always had a breakdown on Friday because of everyone’s demands. Being constantly anxious sucks!

I am currently still hunting for a new job. I’ve applied for a couple and haven’t heard back. I sure hope I can start with a new job in the new year. That’ll sure be a life saver because as of now, my boss had not shown any notion of buying employee group insurance in the new year. With insurance premium so high, I don’t think I can afford to throw $300, 400 a month for any insurance plan. If he won’t buy health insurance in the new year, then I’ll definitely have to leave.

Meanwhile, I learned something new this past week – bread-making.

It felt nice kneading the dough because with each push, I felt like I was letting my frustration and anger out of my system. It felt therapeutic, the same effect as someone releasing his/her anger by kick-boxing. Maybe this can be a weekly thing, giving me a chance to let go of my stress. That would be so wonderful.

I spent my Saturday afternoon kneading the dough and then watching it rise. It was so exciting to watch and the bread came out nice and soft.

I want to thank you for dropping by this morning and hoped you enjoyed our conversation. I would also hope you can join me again next weekend.

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