Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving 2017 began one-half day earlier for me than for most people because I took Wednesday afternoon off from work. The reason being someone was coming to do an estimate for a water softener.

For those who don’t know what a water softener is, it is a machine to make the water softer (duh!). Hard water is bad and I happen to live in a place with extremely-hard water which is causing cracks in my skin and making my skin rough and scratchy. Hard water is also bad because it creates scales in the pipes, shrinking the inner diameter of the pipes.

I’m not sure I’ll get it installed though. Those machines are much more expensive than I had anticipated and the guy was a pushy salesman. He kept saying “only $2,295″ like it’s very easy to earn that money. I hate it when people does that.

After he left, I shakily climbed a ladder and got the Christmas tree down from the top rack of the garage shelf before I headed to the grocery store to buy some salad and other food of my choosing.

After I got home, I cleaned the floors before beginning to set up the Christmas tree because the house should be cleaned before a holiday. The tree took me a few hours to set up, mostly because I was watching TV while hanging the ornaments. This was taken on Thanksgiving morning because I didn’t like how the picture came out the previous night.

I woke up early on Thanksgiving after spending two hours attempting to fall asleep again. I don’t know whether I was excited or what but I haven’t been able to sleep all week and apparently my mom couldn’t sleep either because she was also up.

So we got dressed and got down to the kitchen to prepare the ham.

About three hours, my mom’s former student and his mother knocked on our door. They were here and it was time to unveil the ham. It looked so juicy and tender. My mom removed the bone for Chinese-style porridge and then, the ham was ready to eat.

After a few tiny slices of ham, a bit of salad, olives, and grapes, I was completely full. I couldn’t calculate the amount of calories in that small amount of food but I’d estimate that there were at least a few hundreds calories in the tiny amount of ham I had.

Two hours later, after the guests had left, I began exercising off that Thanksgiving bloat on the treadmill. Four-three minutes later, after the second batch of guests arrived and I’ve done over two miles on the treadmill, my bloat seemed to had faded a little. Our guests wanted to eat more food. No more food for me.

After they ate, they insisted my mom show them around and that’s what my mom did. I was glad I went along because I got some awesome pictures. I even got to see a partial rainbow!

Overall, it was a great Thanksgiving with food, guests, and beautiful sunset.

14 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2017

  1. Good on you for exercising. I could never do that right after a big meal but I agree even a walk helps you feel less full and burns calories. Impressed your Christmas tree is up too it’s beautiful! We also had ham on Canadian Thanksgiving, often we prefer it and my Mom makes this really good jam and bean soup with some of the left overs.

    Also, I can relate to the dryness in the air. It’s always good to have better water. If you find your hands or skin are ever peeling or to dry, go to Lush they have this cream called “Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter’ for dry cracked skin. It smells lemony but isn’t overpowering is under $20.00 and a small thing of the cream lasts a long time even if you use it every day.
    One summer a few years back I was in hospital and hospitals can really cause your skin to dry out b/c of the chemicals they use etc to clean and it is irks amazing. You can use just on the heels of your feet and it’s excellent on dry hands, elbows, or wherever. Plus, I love that Lush products are natural.
    I haven’t found a cream that works so well for dry skin. Plus, If you save the containers and end up with 5 you can trade them
    In for one of their face masks in store which are also excellent. Thy reuse the certain containers which I live, if course you are supposed to wash them out and later they will as well, before new product goes inside.

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    • Thank you. I’ve been feeling extra festive this year and wanted to put my Christmas tree up early.

      Yes! We have so much leftover right now that I feel like we may never finish all the food. 😃

      I’m currently using Vanicream for my hands, one of the moisturizers on the list my dermatologist gave me so my lupus facial rash won’t come back This cream works quite well for a chemical-free moisturizer, just a little too bulky to carry around.

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