#DSFWeeklyRewind: Christmas Eve

Good morning and thank you for joining me on this Christmas Eve.

Last week was long yet great for me. It was long because of the lack of work. I’m usually the busiest from the beginning of the month to the middle, you see, and last week was neither the beginning or the middle. So I ended up researching about healthy foods and exercises on Pinterest.

I wouldn’t say that’s boring per se. Okay, it does get a little boring at times but let’s keep in mind that I am still getting paid.

My mindset took a turn last week as I felt my commitment to weight loss and staying healthy escalated. Everyday at lunch last week, once I finished eating, I went out and walked from the beginning of the street to the end. I started with two laps (about 2 miles) and increased to three after a few days. I walked an average of 14,000 steps per day last week.

I count all my calories too – every single one, except those that are impossible to count like when I eat out. Every night at dinner, my mom watched me weigh my food with a look that said, “Really? You’re that committed?”

Yes, really! That’s how committed I am.

Now, what else happened last week…

Oh yes, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I received a gift card from the bosses for Christmas. Well, I went shopping yesterday. When I returned, I could tell my mom wasn’t too pleased about the things I bought. Like I said, it’s my gift, I can do what I want with it. Anyway, I bought dumbbells, a curling-iron, and make-up.

She didn’t like the curling-iron and make-up. I could tell from the look she gave me. “What? You don’t think I’d look good with wavy hair?”

“No,” she snapped. Ouch.

“Why not? I’ve never curled my hair before.”

“I’ve known you my whole life, I know exactly what you look good and not good in.”

Okay, I don’t understand this. Shouldn’t she be happy because I decided on change, something she had been nagging me to do for years. “Clean yourself up, don’t look so sloppy. It’s why people don’t like you.” Her words, not mine. Instead, she gave me the stink eye all afternoon like I’m turning myself into an ugly beast or something. I have a feeling she thinks I grow up way too fast.

I can’t argue with that. Time is flying by way too fast. I am twenty-six and still under my mother’s control. I want to come out from underneath but she’s living in my house.

The people I know from middle school and high school, they’re all getting married and starting a family. I feel like a complete total loser. Maybe that’s why I want the change so I can be myself yet someone new at the same time but how can I tell her that with her constant criticism?


Okay, let’s think of something happy now. Tomorrow is Christmas! I am super duper grateful for Christmas because Christmas is usually the time I worry about the grades I received in my classes but not this year. This year, I’m all about the day-off and sleeping-in.

I am also grateful because it looks like Mother Nature is delivering a White Christmas. Thank you Mother Nature for making this Christmas extra beautiful!  My mom is inviting friends to my home for hot pot and boy oh boy, I sure hope I won’t overeat.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and I will be back for #DSFWeeklyRewind next weekend.

16 thoughts on “#DSFWeeklyRewind: Christmas Eve

  1. Merry Christmas Yinglan. I agree with you. It’s your money, you’re an adult and if you want to wear makeup and curl your hair all the time, or on special occasions, that’s your choice. And bravo for treating yourself, it was your bonus after all. You earned it and For what you went through at work there, I’d say it was a small bonus lol.

    Self-care is a good thing and it’s true in the business world a little makeup helps to hide dark eye circles, spots, and to brighten up your eyes and/or lips. Effort is never a bad thing when it comes to having a business-like appearance or looking like you care for yourself more in general. I think it comes along with dressing for the job you want, not the one you have, as they say.

    Makeup’s also fun to experiment with, the Pixiewoos on YouTube have a great makeup tutorials where you could replicate sections of the makeup videos using similar shades, lighter or darker. I have also found the Sephora app to be great with makeup tutorials (new features) as well as the Bobbi Brown site on YouTube or on Facebook, which has a great deal of simple videos using their products, but again, you can use whatever colors/ products you like.

    If you have some kind of primer for your eyeshadow, doesn’t have to be eyeshadow primer, just any primer that you’d put on your face, drugstore brand is fine, your eyeshadow will last a great deal longer. Putting concealer on your eyelids also works but I find, personally a facial or eye primer is better. I know L’Oreal has some great ones and so does NYX, that aren’t overally expensive.

    I don’t know if you have mascara or wear it but a good one is always great and finishes off an eye makeup look. I’d recommend L’Oreal for this pretty much almost any Volumizing shade or kind, the Lash Paradise is supposed to be excellent — in a pink tube.
    I don’t know what products you have & dont. But hopefully that helps if you don’t already know this.

    For any help with hair Kate from thesmallthingsblog.com has many great videos on curling your hair from more defined curls to mermaid waves. She helped me a lot.

    Merry Christmas and enjoy the holiday. I’m happy you got to treat yourself and that your fitness has been something helpful for you that you’ve seen results on. Cheers

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    • Thank you, Amanda. Merry Christmas to you too.
      I tried to curl my hair this morning, not as easy as it looks. I don’t think I used high enough temperature setting. Maybe that’s why.
      I watched a few videos on make up for beginners and wow, it’s so complicated. All I have are mascara, eyeshadows, foundation, and eyeliner. I think I will have to make another trip to Walmart to get the primer since all the videos seem to suggest putting on primer before foundation. I think it’s worth it though.

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      • Yeah, primer makes your makeup last. I think you always need it for eye makeup and under your eye but only on special days/nights for all over your face. It can be too heavy with foundation etc. A light eye shadow color all over your eye and up to your brow is good for eyeshadow (over the primer) with a second shade that’s medium dark blended in your crease or all over just your eye lid. A darker shade can be used in the corner of your eye
        crease on the outside above and below the eye. If you want to glam it up, if have a highlighter shade, just highlighter, or a light sparkly or shiny eyeshadow color. u can put a dot in the middle of your eyelid, the corner of your eye and just where your eyebrow arches. If you want to do black eyeliner when you go out at work, keep the line thin and right along the lashes in the day with a tiny flick if you want a cat eye, and a thicker line with a bigger cat eye flick at night. You can check out YouTube to find out how to do the perfect cat eye. Regular scotch tape is really helpful! I hope that’s basic and easy enough to figure out.
        For hair, if it’s thick and doesn’t curl easy, you can comb out the lock and spray it with hairspray before you curl it, then spray everything at the end lightly. If your hair is thick putting a mousse in when it’s wet helps and Curling it after you’ve washed & dried it often works best.
        Good luck 🙂

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      • Wow, thank you for the tips. My co-worker gave me a box of eyeshadow, so there are plenty of colors on that palette for me to experiment. I’ll have to make another trip to Walmart for that primer.
        I tried it with a little hair spray at the beginning and it seemed to work. I think I just have to make the curler hot enough for my hair to curl.

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      • Yep, you bet that helps a lot too. The thicker your hair, the hotter you usually have to make it. And I think Play is a huge part of figuring out what works for you.

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  2. i hope you had a lovely time. it sounds like your mom was in a mood, i’m sorry. you should buy what you want after all you are 26 years old. its not up to your mom. lots of hugs, i bet you do look good with curly hair. xxx

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