#DSFWeeklyRewind: What a Crazy Week!

Good morning and thank you for joining me for #DSFWeeklyRewind on this Sunday.

Firstly, I would like to say this has been a crazy week. The first thing that drove me insane was the weather. Just about everyday was either rain, snow, or just plain gloomy, not to mention cold. What happened to the spring weather from the previous week?

The second thing that brought me misery was the Quickbooks certifications. I have been trying to get advanced certified since the beginning of this month and then on Monday, I discovered everything had been reset.


I had to get re-certified in Quickbooks online before I could begin my Quickbooks advanced certification exam. That took me two days to complete because I didn’t begin the exam until late Monday afternoon. Anyway, I passed. After taking a break on Wednesday, I spent Thursday and Friday completing the advanced certification exam. Since they’re open book exams, they take forever to complete. So far, I passed three out of five sections of the exams and stuck on the remaining two sections. I just can’t seem to get the answers right.

I decided to take a break from the exam this weekend. My head feels rock solid right now like I can’t focus on anything else other than passing this exam. It’s why I haven’t been as active on my blog in the last few days.

The reason I took a break on Wednesday was because I had a workshop to attend to. The title of the workshop led me to believe that it was a workshop about starting a small business, however, this title was very misleading. It was a workshop about becoming an affiliate marketer which has nothing to do with starting a small business and everything about making money online.

And as much as I would love to learn to make thousands of dollars online each month, charging $1000 to get started was simply too much. As I was about to leave, disappointed at the cost, one of them stood in my way, trying to convince me to join the program. “The cost is simply too high for me.” She then told me I can pay 100-dollars now and the rest later. “I really can’t,” I told her.

“You don’t have 100-dollars?” She asked with a raised brow.

“I-it’s my mom’s,” I panicked because are you kidding? My mom would kill me if I spent this money even though it is my money.

“I’m sure she would understand.” She replied. No, she would not understand. Clearly, you have not met someone like my mother.

I told them I’d think about it and left. What a scam!

The final thing that drove me to the edge this week was written in yesterday’s post.

I really really really hope this coming week will be better.

This week, I am grateful my tomato plants are alive and seedlings are emerging. I am also grateful for Food Network. Who would’ve thought watching those shows can keep my anxiety at bay? Finally I am grateful for the Bible app and the coloring app on my tablet – the coloring app relaxed me while I learned a lot from reading the Bible.

11 thoughts on “#DSFWeeklyRewind: What a Crazy Week!

  1. I’m sorry for the struggles, but I love your gratitude this week! Grow, little tomato plants! And yes, losing yourself in a show/channel you enjoy can be quite refreshing after a tough time.

    Hoping for a better week for you!
    Tara, your #DSFWeeklyRewind host — thanks for joining in again!

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  2. Something about those seedlings fill me with hope. That the sun will shine, Spring will really come, the state of the world will improve… kind of like seeing the forest in spite of the trees! Hope things improve for you!

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  3. Yikes! It’s a shame you have to be so careful will all the scam “opportunities” out there. I’m enjoying watching my seedlings emerge also.. Happy Spring and wishing you a better week!

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