Thought of the Day!

Here is my thought for this Monday (which I think it’s quite true):

I act different around certain people. It’s not because I’m a fake. It’s because I have a different comfort zone around certain people.

Source: Pinterest

11 thoughts on “Thought of the Day!

  1. Everyone acts differently around different people, because every interaction or relationship has different needs. For example, I have a “work personality” that is almost completely different from my personality in the rest of my life, because I have to become the person my patients need me to be in order to help them. If I couldn’t do this, I would not be good at my job. Even outside of work, I have different groups of friends with different interests. I enjoy all of these interests, but I would be a boorish person if I was not able to separate out the different needs each of these friends has in a relationship.

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    1. I do too, I have a work personality which is much more professional and I agree, if one doesn’t have a “work personality”, then they wouldn’t be good at their job.

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