Special Announcement: #AtoZChallenge 2019 #ThemeReveal

Time sure got away from me. I saw a few of my fellow bloggers had already started planning for the A to Z Challenge at the beginning of March and it took me a minute to realize, oh wait, it’s almost April.

Except for 2017, I have participated every year since 2015. That would make this year my 4th participation.

Let’s have a look back at my previous themes:

In 2015, my theme was completely random. I just posted whatever I had on my mind that day.

In 2016, my theme was quotes. I posted a quote each day, which is the inspiration behind my Thought of the Day series.

Skip 2017

In 2018, my theme was Photo Story where I post a photo along with a story about the photo.

If you are curious, you can click this link and check out my posts from my previous A-Z Challenge!

Now onto this year’s theme:

26 Wordless Photos

After much consideration of trying to coordinate my schedule with the challenge, I have decided to go with an easy theme this year. I will be doing a wordless theme consist of only photos. There will be a title for each day but I will let the photo tell the story. So 26 letters, 26 days, 26 photos.

I hope I can do this. The theme sounds tough already.

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