Special Announcement: #AtoZChallenge 2023 #ThemeReveal

After having so much fun with last year’s theme, I decided I want to do something similar this year. Before I reveal my theme for 2023, let’s first lookback on the themes from yesteryears:

  • I did a completely random theme in 2015 where I just posted whatever was on my mind that day.
  • In 2016, I did quotes where a quote was posted each day.
  • I traveled in 2017 and didn’t have time to do the challenge
  • In 2018, my theme was Photo Story where I post a photo along with a story about the photo.
  • In 2019, to coordinate with my busy work schedule, I went with the easy theme of 26 Wordless Photos and you know what they say, “a picture tells a thousand words”.
  • Skipped 2020 because of, well, 2020.
  • Of all the things I am” was my theme in 2021 which was sorta a memoir, to let my reader and followers get to know me a little better.
  • In 2022, I wrote a 26-part story about a psychotic millionaire writer/killer. I loved writing all those cliffhangers to keep the readers in suspense.

If you are curious, you can click this link and check out my posts from my previous A-Z Challenge!

Now onto this year’s theme:

A Day in School

Were you ever the new kid with a weird name in a new school? ✋Been there, done that.

Were you this person who needs everything absolutely perfect? Can’t say I have.

Did you ever feel like you were someone who’s bound to be bullied for probably the rest of your life because of something your parents did?

Are you getting an idea of where I’m going here?

If not, then imagine this, you are in a high school (9th-12th grade/Age 15-18) of about 3,000 individuals (students + staff), I am going to give you a glimpse of a random moment of the day of 26 individuals in school. It will be the same day for everyone.

Each story will be 300-words or less and will be written through each of the 26 character’s perspectives. Most of the stories will be stand-alone with the exception of a few but the characters are all connected just like everyone in the world (Six Degrees of Separation).

I hope you will enjoy the stories as much as I enjoyed writing them.

24 thoughts on “Special Announcement: #AtoZChallenge 2023 #ThemeReveal

  1. Great post! It’s always interesting to see the creative and unique themes people come up with for the A-Z Challenge each year. I’m looking forward to reading your take on “A Day in School” from 26 different perspectives. How did you decide on this theme in particular? Were you inspired by any personal experiences or did the idea come to you randomly?



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    1. Thanks. I’ve never explored character-developments and I’ve always enjoyed delving into the minds and inner workings of my characters. Thought it’d be fun.


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