Hello April 2023!

I feel like even before it begins, I’m happy that a new month is here. I have good feelings about April, is that too presumptuous or did I just jinxed it?

In many ways for me, March 2023 was like February 2023.

For one, the weather was abysmal as described in my Welcome March post. You would think the weather should at least be a bit better in March but in some ways, it was worse. It was cold, damp, and snowy.

This year, in particular, it feels like everywhere else is gardening and snow-free in March but northern Utah where we got a foot of snow dumped on us overnight on the final week of March. Not only that, the weatherman said there’s more coming. Oh boy!

March in General…

When the month began, I thought it would be a more productive month at work than February since there are 3 day more in March than in February. How wrong I was!

Not only I didn’t take any day-offs in March, but by yesterday, the 31st, I was more behind on my work than I was in February. How did that happen?

Oh I know, some people just couldn’t leave well enough alone and had to go mess with the system.

If you’ve been around long enough, you’d know I’m in the finance line of work. I do mostly billing and cash reconciliation. Around the second week of March, someone went in and messed with the pricing of products, particularly the products I deal with on a daily basis. If I tell you how product prices are calculated, it would spawn a conversation that’s as long as a few hours. It’s very complicated, no one understands it but me.

Anyway, someone went in and messed with the pricing and busy as I am, it took me more than a week to notice everyone was getting random numbers for price – some were overcharged while some were grossly undercharged. So how can I take time off when there’s a mess on my hand?

Other things that happened in March – I had a dental operation at the beginning of the month to fix a hole that’s been sending liquid from my mouth to my nose. That was a bust. I think it’s now worse than before. I now either have to glug or seep water and I can’t drink from a cup because that’d be too big of a mouthful of water.

I’ll have to have another surgery at the end of this month to fix the botched surgery.

Photos of March

Except for the photo of the crocus, I shot these with my phone last night as I finally got to go for a walk this week. I would’ve taken more but my phone froze to death. After a beautiful day on Tuesday, it once again began to rain late Wednesday afternoon before turning to snow on Thursday and it went on until Friday afternoon. I saw the sun trying to burst from the clouds. What a magical sight it was!

Do you agree that some of the most beautiful skies come from before and after a storm?

And who can resist a tree reflecting in a puddle of water? Oh, I think these might be a recurring thing this spring as the State is already preparing for flooding.

When I couldn’t check on my broccoli seedlings after a foot of snow fell on its protective shelter, I was so worried. Will it survive in the cold and darkness? Fortunately I was finally able to peek under the cover 2 days later and was relieved to find it surviving. As I made my way around the garden, I discovered a surprise – crocuses!

Looking forward in April…

I am looking forward to the department activity in April. We are going golfing again.

Before you ask, no, it’s not golfing in a traditional sense. It’s a place where we each get a turn on a platform and swing the golf ball as hard as we can, trying to aim for certain spots to get points. I find it’s a good anger release. You want to know the best part? It’s part of my work time so I’m getting paid for it.

I’m also looking forward to finally planting my spring garden in April, hopefully. 🤞I hope Mother Nature will finally realize Spring is here and will bump the temperature back to normal from the 30’s and 40’s degree-Fahrenheit to the 60’s and 70’s.

Finally, how can I forget about the A-Z challenge? My theme is A day in school. You would’ve seen the first post go live this morning, I hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I enjoyed writing them.

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