Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #243: It’s Tricky

Happy Sunday! Donna from WindKisses is hosting this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge and her theme for this week had me thinking about it all day and still, I hardly have anything as cool as her photos – It’s Tricky.

I thought I’d cover all forms of the word TRICKY.

According to the dictionary, the word – TRICK – can be defined as a cunning or skillful act or scheme intended to deceive or outwit someone.

I shot this photo with my phone yesterday. I’d bet you’re wondering where I’ve gone or maybe I’ve gone to a lake over the weekend. Perhaps you might even be glad I finally went somewhere after being cooped at home due to the bad weather.

Nope, this is actually my neighborhood park – the one I always take walks in – and that, right there, is what happens when feet upon feet snow fall from the sky and the grass is screaming, “No more water!”

When I returned home to plant my potatoes, I found a pool of water on the patio next to a pile of un-melted snow in my backyard, uh oh…

Now, onto the word, TRICKY, which is an adjective and can be defined as (of a task, problem, or situation) requiring care and skill because difficult or awkward.

I don’t know about you but I find taking selfies a tricky business. I’m one of those old-fashioned individuals who does not take selfies with my phone, ever. I don’t have the face for it. I feel it’s much too big and round like something that bombards a perfectly good photo. I totally prefer to have my portrait taken with a camera at a respectable distance unless you can make me look good close up. Unfortunately, no one has managed to take a good photo of me so far.

So there I was, on my solo trip in Capitol Reef, the sun was setting behind me but for some strange reason, I chose to take a backlit photo of myself. There were so many things that went wrong.

In the first photo, I was trying to balance myself when the photo was taken, making me in this awkward squat. I zoomed in a little bit on the second photo but missed the spot. The third photo looks okay if I move just a tiny bit to the left.

I think taking any kind of photo can be tricky sometimes. For me, it happens to be self-portraiture and portraiture in general. It’s definitely something to work on and maybe I should just make it my goal.

6 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #243: It’s Tricky

  1. I loved this. I can completely relate to selfies, and I think it was a creative take on the prompt. Your three photos gave us all the trial and error it takes to the the right photo. Capitol Reef is so beauties and I am glad you took one with yourself.

    Funny with all the rain you have had, that you now have a lake. Probably not a sight you have seen very often, until this year.

    Your last photo kind of stumps me. It is interesting. Yes, it was a true challenge, for me too, and I love your take, Yinglan.

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    1. I’ve lived here for almost 14 years and I’ve never seen that and the fact that that spot was still snow the night before and turned into a pond the following day is absolutely amazing.
      I took the last photo even I visited the CN tower in Toronto, there was a mirror above the spot where I was standing and since the camera on my phone can only zoom out and not in, I took the selfie stick and extended as far as it could and tried to take a selfie in the mirror.

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